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    • sustainable start-ups, kering, plug and play, fashion for good, C&A foundation, sustainable fashion, start-ups, eco fashion, eco textile, eco magazine, eco fashion magazine
      Fashion Inspiring

      Sustainable fashion start-ups to watch

      It is clear! Sustainable companies are in fashion. Why? Easy. If we look at a generation that is really conscious of sustainability, it’s millennials, and they are obviously the ones who are spending…

    • moda, Royal Blush, Greenshowroom, Jana Keller, positive fashion, positive lifestyle, ecofashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, slow fashion, who made my clothes, fashion revolution, eco fashion magazine, sustainable fashion magazine, luxiders magazine

      Royal Blush, positive fashion and lifestyle

      The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. It doesn’t only contaminate the world, it also contaminates our skin, our largest organ. If we…

    • vintage, second hand, segunda mano, studio 812, moda ecológica, ecofashion, moda sostenible, sustainable fashion, moda lenta, slowfashion, moda ética, ethical fashion, brookly, ecofriendly, fashion revolution, who made my clothes

      Studio-842: progressive vintage made in Brooklyn

      Transgressive, unique, out of the established… Nina Dornheim arrives from the high spheres. She is a fashion designer from Germany based in Brooklyn with over 10 years design and development experience. Nina has designed for…

    • sunglasses, trends summer 2017, accessories summer 2017, the best sunglasses summer 2017, ecofriendly sunglasses, eco sunglasses, ethical sunglasses, gafas de sol ecológicas, gafas de sol sostenibles, sustainable sunglasses, Aptitude, Solo Eyewear, Panda, Hemp Eyewear, Bamboozz, Wooed, Moat House Eyewear, Colin Leslie, Proof, , Dick Moby, Drift, Feb31, bohten, luxiders magazine, eco fashion magazine
      Fashion Shopping

      Sunglasses with eco-friendly heart

      Noticing the light staying longer in the evening hours gives us a sense of hopeful excitement and preparation for the so called good season. Although we are the biggest fan of cozy, snuggling,…

    • Jungle Folk, moda sostenible, sustainable fashion, moda ecológica, ecofashion, green fashion, moda ética, ethical fashion, slow fashion, ecofriendly, fashion magazine, ecofashion magazine, luxiders magazine
      Fashion Loving

      Jungle Folk, reinventing minimalism

      Jungle Folk is one of those brands that stun you from the very first second. With an extremely minimalist and timeless look and soft fabrics and exquisite quality, this Swiss clothing…

    • Monkee genes, jeans, jean, denim, ethical denim, eco denim, fashion magazine, sustainable jeans, sustainable denim, luxiders

      Monkee Genes, jeans with soul

      Big fashion brands constantly talk about trends, which they change right after we buy them. They offer one style, and a week later, demand another. The goal is to sell and…

    • vaquero, Re/Done, jeans, 501 vintage, jeans upcycling, upcycling, recycling, denim, vaqueros, sustainable fashion, eco fashion, upcycling fashion, change makers
      Fashion Loving

      RE/DONE, the jeans of the celebrities

      Experts say that in the most troubled times, creative behavior progresses, perhaps because people seek new balances. Positive instabilities happily shift away from previously established codes and standardization. We agree. In…

    • Prada, shaping a creative future, sustainability, innovation, conference about sustainability, ecofashion magazine, sustainable fashion magazine, luxury magazine, nonconformist, sostenibilidad e innovación, sostenibilidad,
      Fashion Inspiring

      Prada and its sustainable conversation

      The Prada Group launches Shaping a Creative Future, a conference in partnership with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management. This conference, as the group underlines, is…

    • Viktor & Rolf, alta costura, haute couture, upcycling, recycling, eco fashion, slow fashion, sustainable fashion, ecofriendly, whomademyclothes, fashion revolution, Paris, SS17, Primavera Verano 2017, revista de moda ecológica, revista de moda sostenible
      Fashion Inspiring

      The imaginative upcycling, by Viktor&Rolf

      The essence. The purity of things. The love for tissues. The illusion. The program of Haute Couture Paris for Spring Summer 2017 has surprised us with a amazing upcycling collection, the Boulevard of Broken…

    • Harold, bolsos, piel, moda sostenible, moda ecológica, moda responsable, ecoconsciente, bolso atemporal, bolso sostenible, sustainable fashion, ecofashion, slowfashion, greenfashion, revista de moda sostenible, sustainable fashion magazine, luxiders

      The honest bag: Harold’s

      In July 1999 a man came to see Thilo Schmelz. He was just passing through. Mid-fifties, adventurous type. He came to show him his bag. A leather Harold‘s bag in excellent condition,…

    • eco style, street style, greenshowroom, ethical fashion show, eco fashion, slow fashion, organic fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable fashion
      Fashion Lifestyle

      Eco Style in Berlin: best looks

      Eco, ecooooooo …. Eco, eco, co, co, oooooh …. Sustainable fashion, whether ecological, ethical or contemplate both concepts (which is the maximum), is no longer something that everyone talks about. It…

    • eco glamour, sustainable fashion, moda sostenible, eco fashion, moda ecológica, slow fashion, glamour, alta costura, eco fashion magazine, eco magazine, luxiders, somyso, soma jud

      SomySo, eco glamour for new minds

      Ahh… eco glamour…! Coco Chanel said the famous phrase: Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. Well imagine if, in addition to elegance, that…

    • Veja, eco sneaker, sneaker, zapas, athleisure, sportwear, eco sportwear, confortable, shoes, eco shoes, eco cool, eco fashion magazine, eco magazine, luxiders

      Veja, the desired eco sneaker

      In one of the most remote part of Brazil, there are 320 Brazilian families creating ecological sneakers highly desired by athleisure lovers. They are called Veja (“Look” in Portuguese) and just by…