Sustainable Fashion Story | #STAYHOME



“Stay at Home” –they said.


At our four walls,

T H E    S I L E N C E …

The fear.

… more love than ever.


We took out the dust on our white canvas,

we draw the traces of our freedom.

Illusions of what we had.

We were so happy!


“Everything is going to be alright” – they said.


We all learnt

how fragile we are,

how happy we were.



Melba Blouse made of silky organic Tencel by SHIPSHEIP. Kitty-Pants by HØYEM, made with black twill of organich fair-trade cotton. 


Maxi multi-layer vegan sunny dress, made in organic cotton from Portuguese dead stock found in Barcelona, by AVASAN. Cardigan Zilly, 100% Cashemere, by EDELZIEGE. Hand-made hat, stylist’s own.


Bridal dress made out of italian bedlace, produced ethicaly in Italy by HØYEM . The lace is made of organic cotton.


Luna Top and Papilio Skirt by ethical luxury brand OLISTIC THE LABEL. Cardigan 100% cashmere by ethical luxury brand EDELZIEGE


Multi-layered drape dress by independent designer NS GAIA. Collection revolve’s around the famous Greek Philosophy. Along with its roots’s nature, a reincarnation of butterflies. The collection is embroidered by hand with care.


Bellatrix Leather top and Velum trousers by ethical luxury brand OLISTIC THE LABEL. It aims are empowering women, preserving tradicional knowhow and supporting organic sericulture in India. Top is made of leather leftovers. Trousers are made of peace silk.


Luna Top by OLISTIC THE LABEL, redefining timeless elegance blending minimalist silhouettes with a bohemian twist. Cardigan 100% cashmere by ethical luxury brand EDELZIEGE


High Rise Flared Jeans by GOOD SOCIETY, they are made in Italy from a denim fabric with finest organic cotton yarns. Using the newest eco-friendly technologies saves about half of the water consumption.


Cardigan 100% cashmere by EDELZIEGE. The brand insists on sustainability of  the chosen resources and an intentional dissociation from mass manufacturing. Sandals by TRIPPEN. The company produces its unique shoes in its own factory in Berlin according to the highest environmental and social standards.


Velvet dress made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS certificated, by German ethical company ALMA&LOVIS. 


Wrap-it-up-dress, bluish grey chambray of organic fairtrade cotton, by HØYEM. The cotton is picked in Uganda and Kirgisistan through fair-trade collectives.


Dress by EDELZIEGE. It is 100% Cashmere. The company does not support mass production, starvation wages and a environmentally damaging methodes of production.  Shoes by ethical portuguese brand MARITA MORENO, inspired by the "wings" of the Jamanta and the beautiful colors of the corals in the waves of the sea. In cork, natural bioleather and rubber sole.


Kimono H2O by AVASAN, from the Sky Mirrors Water Collection, inspired by the ocean with the intention of remembering our H2O footprint. It is beautiful unbleached cotton sateen  GOTS certified and painted by hand with water based silk paint by ARACELI GARCÍA. Extra wide vegan black trousers in heavy organic cotton stretch GOTS certified. 100% Made in Spain.



Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Photography JENS WITTWER
Team Assistant & Illustrations ELLA KRAIMER
Special Thanks *****HOTEL REGENT BERLIN