Best Sustainable Street Styles | Berlin Fashion Week


Give me your beauty, 

your heart, your hands, your soul, your kindness...


Give me the reason to wake up the paradoxical reconstruction of me

and finish my purity creative destruction.


Give me the reason...

to feel proud of myself.



This project has been supported by NEONYT


Sweater by ALMA&LOVIS made with alpaca and wool. It is fairtrade. Papilio skirt made by OLISTIC THE LABEL.  The only commitment as a brand is traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Fabric, sourcing and manufacturing is at the forefront of every Olistic pieces. The coat is rented at rental platform RE-NT


Kimono Two in One, made of wool recovered from stocks of Spanish fashion factories, cooper and small pieces, sculptured by YOLANDA RELINQUE for sustainable fashion brand AVASAN. Recycled from Spanish factories, the off-white cordoroy extra wide trousers are also from Avasan. The vegan bag, PETA certified, is made by MARITA MORENO. Boots from TRIPPEN, company that sources its primarily vegetable-tanned leathers from small tanneries in Tuscany. 

Coat Fran and longsleeve Grace by STORY OF MINE. Fair production and working conditions, as well as high quality are very important to the German brand. 


The purple coat is from RE-NT, a rental platform based in Berlin that focuses on sustainability and transparency. Baggy ethnick jeans are made out of organic fair trade denim by HOYEM. These unisex jeans are defined through architectural volumes and sculptural silhouettes combined with traditional craftsmanship and classical garment techniques. Klima T-shirt, 100% Bio-Cotton, beanie and scarf are from HAFENDIEB. All are made ethically in Portugal. 


Basic all-day shirt of organic fair trade cotton, available with or without ribbons, by HOYEM. This collection is defined through architectural volumes and sculptural silhouettes combined with traditional craftsmanship and classical garment techniques. Fine paperback pants made of very soft and high-quality fabric: 100% Tencel by STORY OF MINE. The trench is from ALMA&LOVIS, a social fairness German company that work and produce only under socially fair standards.


The Kimono 3.4 is made of recycled from Spanish factories off-white cordoroy, lined in organic certified cotton and hand painted by ARACELI GARCIA with water based silk paint and sprinkled with wool threads courtesy of “La Real Fábrica de Tapices” in Madrid. It is 100% Made in Spain by AVASAN.


Organic cotton and virgin wool cape for superheroins. It is from HØYEM. The Oslo-based brand focus on sustainable solutions. Collections are made as local as possible in Europe and the fabrics are of organic fair trade materials. The velvet dress is made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS certificated, by German ethical company ALMA&LOVIS. The shoes are vegan, PETA certified, made by MARITA MORENO. The platform is made of natural wood.


The denim suit by THE BLUE SUIT is crafted only from organic and recycled materials. The company avoids water intense denim washing. The backpack is vegan with PETA certified. It is by MARITA MORENO, made of washable paper (50% paper fiber and 50% latex), waterproof and tear resistant. Shoes are also from this Portuguese brand.


Total look by ALMA&LOVIS. Both, the stripe culotte and dress are made of 96% Tencel. 


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world. All images have been captured by analog cameras.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Hair & Make Up Artist REBECCA SCHMITZ
Team Assistant ELLA KRAIMER