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    Luxiders would not be the same without the collaboration of our community of creatives, photographers, stylists, designers and thinkers, who have not hesitated to contribute everything they know to make this publication not only a means of communication but a way of interacting with people from all over the world, people with the same interests and dreams as them.

    Welcome! We like to think that in this great world there are many small people doing great honest things and they also want to share them with us.


    allysa, writer, estilista, conferenciante, moda ecológica, moda lenta, luxiders magazine, revista de moda ecológicaAlyssa is a Freelance Fashion Stylist, Speaker and Writer with 5 years of experience in the retail and fashion sector. Known for her charismatic sense of style, Alyssa has worked as a spokesperson and stylist with Canadian and international clients such as Club Monaco, Simons, and ELLE Canada. You can spot her on local news channels as a Style Expert, or online.

    Alyssa shares with Luxiders her sustainable style tips and tricks on her blog www.blog.msbeltempo.com and Instagram and Twitter accounts @ms_beltempo.

    wweareluxiders, #weareluxiders, simona campli, luxiders collaborator, eco writer, eco journalist, writer, moda ecológica, moda lenta, luxiders magazine, revista de moda ecológicaSimona Campli is a writer and ethical coach with a background in strategic communication to promote innovation for positive change.

    When she’s not writing about sustainable fashion, she works with creative individuals and teams to support them on their problem solving skills and well-being.

    Follow on instagram her projects  @modaconsapevole and @storieswewear


    The Light SquareThe Light Square, estudio de fotografía, Barcelona is a creative photography studio created in Barcelona and directed by Reni and Kristel with the intention of creating a narrative report with each event.

    They are a team of young and talented photographers with very good technical and artistic training, as well as 6 years of experience in events photography.