Be Real | The New Social Media Platform That Encourages Authenticity



With more than 40 million downloads, Be Real is the new social media that wants to bring out the most original version of users. In this digital era surrounded by filters and retouching, Be Real emerges to capture our everyday reality. Find out here what it's all about...

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Lately, the Be Real platform has become more popular. This is an app that leaves behind everything we know and surprises with new things. One of its most striking features is that it alerts you when it's time to post something on your profile with its notifications . While it only gives you 2 minutes to take a photo and publish it, eliminating the opportunity to modify or edit the images.

Surely this is something that has never been seen before. It is an app that proposes an authentic perspective unlike other global social media. Due to the anti-Instagram movement Be Real arises to show a real and original side that we often only share with the people closest to us.  The main objective is to create a natural, true and positive environment.

Undoubtedly, the app is here to stay and contains the best ideas. Be Real  only allows you to post once a day, which works to reduce the addiction to social media. It also only gives access to your contacts' posts until you have posted something, making everything reciprocal. And if there is a photo that you might not like, you don't have to worry because the posts only last 24 hours. 


Likewise, Be Real has functioned as a channel for the development of companies. Companies have used this network to approach and increase the interest of potential customers. Thanks to the concept of the application, companies can show what is behind their services in a more organic, direct and normal way. Thus, they have another tool to increase their opportunities. 

Be Real was not only created to entertain but also has a clear message. The app wants to put an end to the disadvantages and risks of social media, it is a fight against false content, overproduced images and fictitious appearances that often manage to damage people's behavior and mental health

Many times social media is useful in a personal and professional way, but unfortunately not everything you see is real. Which to an extreme point can affect people's self-concept and self-esteem. But, thanks to Be Real it's time to see ourselves as equals, admire each other and not get carried away by the opinions of others. 


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Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine