Be Sustainable! Fashion Summit 2021 focuses on Digital Innovations and Sustainability



The third edition of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit, the largest event dedicated to the development of sustainable fashion in Ukraine, will take place online on February 7, 2021, during Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021. The topic of this edition is “Digital Innovations and Sustainability".



Organized by Ukrainian Fashion Council within the official program of Ukrainian Fashion Week, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit is a professional international event aimed at increasing the level of expertise of Ukrainian professionals working in the field of design and production of clothing.

The topic of the third BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit is “Digital Innovations and Sustainability.”Based on the experience of previous events and the unprecedented challenges caused by Covid-19, the project sets a new development agenda based on three main messages: Sustainability in fashion is not a competition; Digital innovations in fashion is a driving force of sustainability; and Digital innovations in sustainability are effective means of communication. 

In the new season, the project will comprise video presentations of collections by sustainable designers and an international conference on Ukrainian Fashion Week’s media platforms. The new media format was created to strengthen the project’s missions: discovery and support of sustainable designers; exchange of international experience and knowledge; innovative development of the industry.



Postushna brand, designed by Yuliya Postushna, in collaboration with DHL Express Ukraine has proposed a creative idea for upcycling uniforms of large companies, that could become a solution for addressing this global problem. In the frame of UFW, a special capsule collection, developed by the designer from the being in use DHL uniforms, will be presented. This collaboration is not only a model of workwear re-work and re-usage, but also it sets up an impressive example for collaborations between the creative sector and other industries.

A new format of the fashion show will be presented during the summit. Teams of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit,, and set-designer Love Curly created a unique AR fashion show for sustainable Ukrainian brand Chereshnivska.

“For the first time in Ukraine, the show will demonstrate the power of digital design for fashion events. This is the case when the use of technology will not only enhance the brand image but also help optimize the cost of stage design without affecting the entertainment component,” noted Dmitry Kornilov, CEO of, a studio developing Instagram-filters.

In addition, on February 7, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit will host the premiere of the film “Action: Sustainable Fashion: Artisanal by Litkovskaya", a special episode dedicated to a sustainable demi-couture line that pays homage to Ukrainian textile traditions.




The second part of the event will be educational: a one-day online conference on the key aspects of sustainable development. The main purpose of the summit is to find solutions for the effective development of a responsible, ethical, and environmentally friendly fashion industry in Ukraine.

Despite the pandemic and difficulties in organizing large-scale events, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit expands its formats and level of international expertise. The speakers will focus on the current topics of digital fashion transformation and implementation of digital solutions to create a responsible industry of the future.

Among the invited speakers are Patrick Duffy, founder of Global Fashion Exchange and co-founder of The Swapchain and Circular Fashion Summit; Orsola de Castro, founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution; Julia Weems, Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Dissen; Sabrina Gildehaus, CEO of GILDEHAUS, Dmitry Kornilov, CEO of; Maria Ortynska, trademark & patent attorney, CEO of Patent Law Company IPStyle; Paula Vega Tagle, founding partner and global partnerships manager at Circular Fashion Summit; Alexia Planas Lee, founding partner and head of impact design and innovation hub at Circular Fashion Summit; Kateryna Byakova and Maxim Golub, founders of FINCH brand, Vadym Sydoruk, general manager of DHL Express Ukraine. The summit will also include a panel discussion of tech-startups.

The streaming of Be Sustainable! Fashion Summit is free.

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