How Does Biden’s Politics Advocate For Human Rights?



In the recent U.S. presidential election Joe Biden was elected in favour of Donald Trump. Many were relieved with the outcome— Trump has definitely made an impact upon Americans, but for those with strong beliefs for equality and justice, it has also been disturbing. With Biden’s reassurance of policies surrounding Climate Change and Human Rights there is a feeling of comfort and a better future for America and even the world.


Here we lay out some of President Joe Biden’s Policies advocating human rights regarding The Criminal Justice System, Immigration, Woman’s Rights and Education. Visit Joe Biden's Campaign page to read his full policies.  



The Biden Plan for Strengthening America’s Justice System is based on re-structuring who is sent to prison and why, how they are treated and the individual’s life when they re-join society. He is introducing a $20 Billion grant to states to encourage alternatives to incarceration. For example, redirecting drug abusers to drug court or rehabilitation.

As we all may be aware, race, gender and income-based disparities in the justice system need to be addressed. “Black mothers and fathers should feel confident that their children are safe walking the streets of America” writes Biden. One of Biden’s policies will reinstate the pattern-or-practice investigation process that trump limited, which is used in the justice system to address circumstances of systemic police misconduct—a significant issue currently being fought due to the rise in tragic cases such as George Floyd’s.

Other principles involved in Biden’s Criminal Justice Policy include abolishing the death penalty, decriminalizing the use of cannabis, eliminating the mandatory minimums for incarcerations and, in terms of young people, protecting juvenile criminal records so children have a second chance.



As part of Biden’s Foreign Policy—the new American President wants to modernise the immigration system. It seems like immigration has forever been cast as a problematic case within politics but Biden is striving for a partnership approach. He will be putting an end to the separating of families and their children at the U.S. border— including diminishing the non-profit prisons that held immigrant children. This is something that should have never been in place. Biden also plans to partner and work alongside Mexico and Canada to improve screening procedures at ports and borders.

Trump’s asylum policies, including his temporary ban of all refugees due to Coronavirus, will be reversed under Biden’s power; the number of refugees let into the U.S. will increase to meet the global need. All humans should have a right to live in a country that doesn’t threaten their lives. Biden writes “each case should be reviewed fairly and in full accordance with the law” he wishes to add ‘nation of immigrants’ to the mission statement of America’s Citizenship and Immigration Services “because that is who we are.”

President Joe Biden ensures vulnerable populations such as Haitians and Venezuelans will be given Temporary Protected Status if they cannot reside safely in their own country. Joe Biden wants to protect TPS holders from being unsafely returned home and offer citizenship paths to those who have established long-term lifestyles in the U.S. It is not ethical to force families back to war-zones and corrupt regions.

The travel ban put in place restricting Muslims entering America from Muslim-majority country’s will also be immediately lifted. This was a policy reinstated by Trump and goes against one’s human right not to be discriminated against. With changes like this we can hope for a more inclusive, honourable America.



Woman have faced inequalities in the form of discrimination, sexism, abuse and education for centuries and this still continues today. It takes laws and policies to make mass change on issues such as these and for that we need a president who cares.

Joe Biden Presidential Campaign website writes “Women—particularly women of color—have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country. Today, too many women are struggling to make ends meet and support their families.” “As President, Biden will pursue an aggressive and comprehensive plan to further women’s economic and physical security and ensure that women can fully exercise their civil rights.”

Some of Biden’s policies include improving economic security through continuing the fight for equal pay, expanding access to health care for all woman and helping women navigate work and families through affordable child care. We hope these policies set out will be firmly integrated and begin to empower the woman of America.

One policy called The Mexico City policy, also referred to as the Global Gag Rule, will be rescinded once again after Trump reinstated it. This rule prohibits any NGO who receive U.S. global health assistance from providing legal abortion services to woman. This is currently inhibiting organizations working with Malaria and HIV too merely because they also provide information on abortion services. With this policy eliminated, Americas take another step forward to woman have their rights back. These NGO’s and organisations should be fuelled and supported not undermined.



Joe Biden’s plan for education revolves around inclusivity regardless of class, ethnicity, disability or background. Biden plans to increase pay for educators to recognise their hard-work and invest more heavily in schools, especially title 1 schools to ensure no child is falling behind. 1 in 5 children in the U.S. experience mental health problems and this should not be something a child has to deal with. Biden proposes to invest in school’s mental health professionals as the current average ratio for psychologists to students is 1400:1 whereas the target, according to the National Association of School Psychologists is 700:1.

These are just some of the plans and policies Joe Biden has spoken about enforcing. Through reading his policies, it is clear he has strong visions for advocating human rights and a great focus on equality. In our current climate of uncertainty, and constant fear for some, we can be calmed by the positivity and hope of the new President Joe Biden.


   +  Words: Cerys Matthews, Luxiders Magazine Editor