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A legendary story of 77 years enriches the life of the Italian brand Brioni. Born in Rome from to two visionaries, Master Tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his business partner Gaetano Savini, Brioni has established itself as a brand of sartorial excellence for Roman gentlemen up to reach Hollywood icons. Since 1959, the demand for products has increased, a production chain has been opened in Abruzzo, not losing sight of Italian tailoring and know-how. Brioni is characterized by a classical and simple type of clothing, without any excesses. Each piece is created on commission and therefore designed to last a lifetime, so that the natural fabrics involved in its realization are not wasted. Customers receive advice on how to best care for their dress, coat or shirts. It is an exchange between the customer and the brand that guarantees the care of the garments over the years. For Bespoke, customers have the opportunity to select fabrics available in limited quantities from previous seasons. In this way, Brioni and the customers collaborate to avoid the procurement of new materials and thus reduce the environmental impact. In the spirit of circular fashion, Brioni also donates the advanced fabric to NGOs or fashion schools.