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Nicola D'Alpaos, born in Belluno, has developed his very first interest in fashion at a very young age, but only when he moved in London, in 2008, he had a more realistic approach. Almost as a joke, he launched his first line of leather bags, in collaboration with an Italian craftsman, and then he created a capsule collection of t-shirts, up to create his own brand, Dalpaos. Recycled and organic fibers and textures (such as recycled plastic and leather) are used to create minimalist and eco-sustainable clothing. Dalpaos is not interested in dressing the masculine and the feminine, rather his values are focused on supporting a type of clothing thanks to which everyone can move freely and comfortably. The eco-leather overalls, bags from recycled and upcycled leathers and pants with patches of hearts and stars are among the brand’s signatures. The production of Dalpaos is oriented to the policy of saving and it is opposed to excesses.