Maison & Objet Paris: Capsule Itineraries



MOM – Maison & Objet and More offered last September a long and full weekend of innovation and design of sustainable objects and furnitures to enjoy in Paris. We visited the amazing show exhibition and handpicked for you our absolute favorite creations, within many great and refined works.


MOM – Maison & Objet and More, is the major event for professional creators in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions. Multicultural and international coming together for the very the best in the fields of decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances inspired by extraordinary talent, unique creativity and the newest offers in the global market.


It is definitely worth to see, so if you missed it this time, you should make your way to Paris for the 17th of January 2020, where a new show is taking place until the 21st. The show’s structure is divided in the sectors of Objet and Maison, where the first exhibit the best objects and decorative accessories organized by product category and the second explores the best decoration and home interior solutions organized by style.

For our sustainable capsule itinerary we choose to focus on furnitures and interior design dedicated to the work space, bath and kitchen and now present you our top favorite exhibitors, excited to see more!



Work space

Zegen  is one of company selected by international experts to exhibit with the group of Ukranian Design Brands. A project bringing together 5 Ukranian brands supported by the “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development” (EBRD) and financed under the initiative of the “EU4Business” European Union. We love every initiative that invests in the future of design, as we see these amazing results in the sustainable world.

Founded in 2008 and focused in design for the perfect home office, Zegen creates furnitures that meets the rhythm of modern trends and values. The company’s philosophy is to never stand still, they embrace constant development, and we believe they are on the right path. Their work is well thought through and speaks to a new generation that doesn’t want to compromise when dealing with  a reliable quality, durability and sustainable processes, since we don’t have to anymore. Coming from raw materials produced by Ukrshon, the environmental friendly natural veneer used in Zegen products instill them naturalness and originality.

Inspired by nature itself, with its simple forms and flowing lines, Zegen works with proper and strict forms that combine functionality, usability and aesthetics.



Kitchen space

Muubs  is pure interior design innovation. Their aim to turn the principles of mass production upside down, and we love everything about that. This company is inspired by a pure love for wild and pure Nordic nature, and this love translate in objects and furnitures that preserve their original elements.

Every product is born following a very solid idea of craftsmanship. The elements are dictated by nature laws and conserve their soul, telling every time a different story: from chopping boards with natural wood grain and hand-crafted tables with charming rough edges and imperfections from the natural cracks in the tree trunk to simple, rustic kitchenware. Muubs calls it ‘beauty in imperfection’. Which for us also translate in “uniqueness”.

Timeless elements with great functionality. What we loved more in the great variety of Muubs design products is the furniture destined to the kitchen space. The very living heart of a home, where love for others and for the products becomes food that nurture us. No kitchen should compromise beauty for practicality, and this is where Muubs won us over.

When going through Muubs products you come across two main styles: Webi-Sabi and Nordic Rebel. We couldn’t choose what we like most. The first is “all about that effortless, lived-in look. Natural textures like linen, stone, wood and clay in muted colors, organic designs and shapes. It teaches to look at imperfections and personal authenticity with a new gaze and embrace it like a luxury.

For the Nordic Rebel style natural elements are still heavily utilized, with darker, earthy colors and surfaces with the aim of appearing raw and unpolished to accommodate the structure of the materials such as ceramics, lava, stone, suede and leather in combination with iron, dark wood and concrete. This design style has a quiet, understated aesthetic. Innovative, yet continuing Scandinavian traditions.




Maomi  is a sustainable label dedicated to space, composition and design for furniture and home accessories. Key words here are: quality urban design. The simplicity and lightness of their work leaves rooms with creativity for those who need to add their own signature in their home, but at the same time can be enjoyed in their genuine and honest perfection as they are. Sustainable furniture is made with ecological natural materials and produced by traditional crafting techniques.

Economic and ecological sustainability, social participation, perspectives, these understandings are fundamental for this German brand with international participation.

Maomi is for us the perfect example of minimalism took a step further, where we meet warmth and practicality in aesthetic beauty. The attention to details reveals a precise and mindful work behind the production, aimed to the enhancement of the quality of home life. Maomi combines “responsible use of natural resources with responsibility for our fellow human beings”.

The “OFURO” bathtub is the perfect enactment of Maomi ’s philosophy and standards. Made of Japanese Cedar wood, whose essential oils have the effect of calming body and soul, this piece of modernity in tradition, is carefully shaped, assembled and compacted with natural materials and handwork of an experienced carpenter.


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