Endangered World Wonders | Beauty We Might Lose



Let this article be a warning: we have gathered in it some of the World Wonders that are in imminent danger of disappearing, due to either climate change or human activities. 


All around the world, we have seen this marvelous natural destinations, and perhaps always dreamt about someday going on holidays. But, little we knew that it was our doing that might mean the end of this places that have been around longer than we did. Either due to climate change and global warming, or over-tourism, some of these World Wonders are in great danger. Let this article be a warning: the best tribute we can pay to this places might be not ever going; and instead, help in their conservation. 



The entire endemic megafauna of the African Island has been lost in the last century. Studies have shown that even though the ecosystem was resilient to prior climate stress, it collapsed with the increase of human activity. The Madagascar Island is home of 5% of flora and fauna of the entire World. Madagascar is in danger of extinction due to the climate change, the over-tourism and the indiscriminate rosewood logging. 



The rising tides from the last years could potentially cover the statues completely. The over 100 thousands tourists that visit the Chilean Island per year contribute to the deterioration of the Easter Island. 



The Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia, is considerer a World Heritage. It is more than a half million years old; but with the rise in oceanic temperatures, the corals loose their colors and are more susceptible to diseases, that could lead us to the loss of this World Wonder. To know more about Coral Reefs, and the diverse Restorations that are in place, check this article. 



We are running out of time, and so are the many World Wonders that are listed above. It is time for us to change our mentality towards traveling and tourism and embrace a more sustainable approach. Here, you have important information about how to be a more responsible tourist. 


 +  Words: Leila Salinas, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalist | Berlin-based 

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