Shopping Wishlist to support ethical and sustainable brands



A conscious consumer is someone who looks beyond the label, someone who ask questions to be sure that his/her purchase will be positive for the environment and the people. Though it seems simple enough, curating ethical and fair brands is not always as easy as it should be. It takes effort to do it right. That is why we do it for you. Here our selection of May, 2019. And remember, when you purchase something from an ethical or sustainable company, you are, essentially, funding that company to continue doing what it is doing. So, don't be shy. Buy your values and enjoy life. 


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Winston Dress


Why to buy: The Winston Dress, with plunging neckline and chain details, is 100% made of silk in Italy. Ex-model Gabriela Hearst has mastered a balance of practicality and desire with her ready-to-wear and shoes. Inspired by her idyllic childhood on a ranch in Uruguay and her hectic metropolitan life in New York, she consistently offers a demure collection of timeless pieces with an authentic touch.


What we love: Often sustainable fashion is connected with simple design and raw materials, which are not so appealing and wearable. In this case, simplicity is the key of elegance and exclusivity.  The challenge of Gabriela Hearst is to combine sustainability with luxury natural, non-toxic and sustainable fabrics while adding creative design and authentic Italian sartorial craftsmanship. Since launching her eponymous label in 2015, she has been awarded the International Woolmark Prize for Womenswear and the Pratt Institute Fashion Visionary Award, and has been nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent and the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year.


Price: 2,237 € - $2,495 USD  | Shop it now: Gabriela Hearst

Embrasé Diamond & Pearl Hoop Earrings by Monarc Jewellery


Why to buy: The Embrasé Diamond & Pearl Hoop Earrings are created with meticulous care from recycled precious metals and skilfully set with 100% carbon neutral, ethical, Aboveground Diamond Stones. Ella Drake created the Liberté Collection as a way to incorporate Aboveground Diamonds into non-occasion based pieces, and is part of Monarc’s mission to make sustainable, fine jewellery the new and attainable norm. It is the focus on Aboveground Diamonds in everyday wearable pieces that gives Monarc Jewellery’s new Liberté Collection its name. Working with Monarc’s clean, modern classic design palette, the entire collection is a celebration of being free of earth-mined diamonds.


What we love: Monarc Jewellery turned its back on earth mined diamonds in 2018, choosing to place compassion, responsibility and transparency at the forefront of its principles. Monarc uses only recycled, precious metals and works solely with suppliers who share the same core values. Monarc believes that every decision we make should be rooted in good intention, from the design process through to choosing materials, and all along the production chain, so that you can feel good about the jewellery that becomes a part of your world.


Price:  735 € | $825 USD | Shop it now: Monarc Jewellry


Slim Crossbody Bag


Why to buy: We are totally in love with this brand. Continew reuses leather seat covers and leather scraps from the interiors of luxury cars and turns them into new bags. Their sleek and luxurious bags are future-friendly, as they have been upcycled (upgraded & recycled), aligning with their environmental mission. Not only this, the design of the complete collection is amazingly well done.  This slim crossbody bag, for instance, still roomy enough to hold a laptop and documents, can double as a tote when used without the detachable shoulder strap. 


What we love: The leather used by Continew helps us to save the environment. Shopping these products we save resources, reduce waste, save water and contribute to the animal-free movement. We met the creative team based in Seoul, South Korea. We touched the most of their bags. The design and quality is High-End. They told us they started this company from the frustation on seeing top quality leather on car seats buried well before its 30-40 years' lifespan. Now, thanks to Continew, they have a second life.


Price: 225 € / $251 USD


Shop it now: Continew


Lamad Arena Pants


Why to buy:  These denim cotton pants with invisible zipper placed in the rear are organic made and designed for timelessness and durability. They are available at The Circular Project. The company, The Nordic Leaves, asures fair and equal pay, local trade promoters, monomaterial compatible for recycling and environment friendly packaging. "Nature is the inspiration of our brand"– says Cristina, founder of the brand. 


What we love: Made of 100% eco-certified GOTS cotton, this style is a tribute to sustainability. The collection is completely sustainable, local and made in collaboration with social projects that certify the organic origin of every garment and the wellness of those who manufactured them until the last detail. The company asures a fair trade production. What we love the most is that we can trace the sustainability of each garment.


Price: 169€ | $189 USD 


Shop it now: The Circular Project


buena onda


Why to buy: buena onda is a premium summer lifestyle brand inspired by cool simplicity. The first brand in the world to release only 3 items every summer, taking slow and sustainable to new heights. With minimal creations, each item is offered the liberty of time, detail and spontaneous inspiration, inviting soul back into the creative flow. Via buena onda’s Simplified Retail Model, they produce less, waste less and give back full circle.


What we love:  buena onda connects Japanese design ethics, Scandinavian simplicity + that feel of a fresh, California summer into every item. Through a Collaborative Craftsmanship method, buena onda comes together with specialists in their field, to exhibit their niche craftsmanship and share in their creative journey. The Kaiyō cruiser was crafted in collaboration with California skate specialists, while the Retoro (レトロ) Money Clip in collaboration with an artisanal jeweler in Hong Kong. This summer, buena onda presents a cool, fresh, Royal Summer Robe for women. Handcrafted by bisht specialists in the Emirates, using 100% Premium Korean Linen. Also, we love that over 10% of profits empower youth towards a charitable mindset.


Price: Royal Summer Robe: 166 € | $188 USD 

Shop it now: buena onda


Celine Sunhat


Why to buy: The Mar Y Sol team has built an accessories brand recognized for its unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship and creative use of sustainable materials. Stunning and fun, this wide-brimmed Celine Sunhat in Natural offers maximum sun protection so you can enjoy the beach and pool in style and comfort. Each piece is handmade from Handwoven braided raffia. 


What we love: Mar y Sol maintains its commitment to tradition by using responsibly sourced raw materials. The sale of its products enables families to gain economic independence, preserves traditional craft and promotes environmental conservation.


Price: 112 €- 125€ |


Shop it now: Mar y Sol


Brushed Brass Candle Holder - Dot


Why to buy: Inspired by organic forms and shapes, the artisan collection by Tina Frey Designs is translated from the original hand sculpted clay forms into resin and metal.  All the pieces are completely handmade with care.  The brass and metal collection are hand hammered and the edges are softened to achieve the same sculpted feel and DNA as the resin collection.


What we love: Tina draws inspiration from many sources.  The fluid lines of her silhouettes are reminiscent of the blue sea, while the organic contours of each piece emulate the curves of nature.  Creativity blooms from treasures found during travel, and mouthwatering colors spring from translucent popsicles and scrumptious jelly beans. The pieces in the collection are hand sculpted by Tina Frey in San Francisco, California.  Sculpting starts with an idea which focuses on simplicity and function. Hand made molds are created from each design and are used to cast the vessels in small batches by color. Each piece is hand sanded and carries a unique beauty that ensures the quality and integrity of each piece.


Price:  98 € / $110 USD (one piece) | Shop it now: Tina Frey Designs


Ava Lace Pencil Skirt


Why to buy: This gorgeous knee length pencil skirt is made from striking Cluni Lace, with lining beneath that hits the leg at mid-thigh for the perfect peekaboo mini-meets-pencil look. Whether you wear it with heels to a wedding or with flats to the work, this Ava Pencil Skirt takes our favorite aesthetic -- nonchalant chic -- to new lengths. It is 100% Fast Fashion-Free, designed and manufactured with love in Los Angeles. 


What we love: We love to know that with each Ava Lace Pencil Skirt, we pay 3.3 hours of ethical labor (no sweatshops, no child labor), we use 2.5 yards of sustainable fabrics (no pesticides, no chemical runoff) and we save 720 gallons of water (no thirsty crops, no waterway pollution). Style Saint is a company driven by its belief in making products that matter and pieces that last. By focusing on quality over quantity – and designing timeless collections that are meant to be worn year-round – they stand firm in their belief that fashion should be neither fast nor disposable. 


Price: 30€ - $34 USD  |  Shop it now: Style Saint