The Most Searched-For Masks of the Moment | Style Guide



Masks are the fashion accessory of 2020. This new trend inspired by Covid-19 outbreadk will help to keep you protected whilst keeping you stylish during these difficult times. Meet the coolest sustainable, handmade and solidarity masks Worldwide.



Rue Vautier

Why to buy: Rue Vautier’s fabric masks were created in response to its clients’ desire to protect themselves and others while reserving medical grade masks for health care workers and creating minimal waste.  Masks are sold individually or in bundles, making it easy to equip an entire family or office.  All masks have at least one layer of tight-weave cotton to provide the perfect proportion of breathability and protection while minimizing moisture retention and odors.  New to the collection is a line of special edition masks featuring outer layers of couture fabrics, completely transforming these functional accessories into fashion statement pieces. Easy to wash and dry = zero waste! A portion of proceeds also goes to support Doctors Without Borders- an organization playing an important role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and improving health conditions across the globe.

What we love: Created by designer Naomi Walsky, Rue Vautier’s collections are a rare 100% Swiss Made endeavor.  Her prêt-à-porter collection features extremely limited quantities with scheduled release dates of effortlessly elegant staples from deadstock fabrics, promoting zero-waste and sustainable production. Since its inception the brand has strived to work with its team of local seamstresses, providing family-friendly production practices and supporting its local economy. All collections carefully combine select materials with sophisticated, essential design, creating a balance of lightness and heaviness, boldness and subtlety.


Price: From $14/€13.50 per mask |  Shop it now: RUE VAUTIER



Why to know her: Jóhannsdóttir, the Icelandic Knitwear Designer behind Yrúrarí, started making knitted masks in the beginning of April when the virus was at its peak in Iceland. Before the change of the everyday she was working on a big show of upcycled sweaters collaborating with the second-hand stores of the Red Cross of Iceland for Design March in Reykjavík. The idea evolved from her former sweater creations, where she transformed something normal and everyday into my art pieces, using second hand sweaters like empty canvas.

What we love: Jóhannsdóttir didn't really make the masks to wear, in her mind they are more like wearable sculptures, not made for safety more as a fun approach to the rule of keeping distance: "If you look scary enough people will stay away!": She says. She has seen articles in Russian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and more! The masks could work as fashionable covers over the real deal facemasks, but she is not selling them...."People have started to use my experimental DIY tongue knitting pattern, Sleik-zine, I have in my website". People with basic knitting knowledge can easily transform that pattern to something similar to her masks. She thinks this is the time to develop some new skills and knitting has proven to be soothing for some people!

Get the DIY tongue knitting pattern: YRURARI


Facial ID

Why to buy: While the N95 TrueDepth compatible masks by Facial ID Masks are still in production, the first product to market will be a fabric mask that resembles you, making it easier to recognize you during a viral pandemic.


What we love: After uploading your face, the company uses computational mapping to convert your facial features into an image made into a mask. Printer uses inks made of natural dyes. It's non-toxic and doesn't affect breathability. You can use your mask for everyday life as a barrier for airborne particle droplets. 


Price:  Ask the company |  Join the Waiting List: FACIAL ID MASK


Phyne (100% Donation)

Why to buy: The Good Apparel, an online shop for ethical and sustainable fashion, now offers organic cotton face masks by streetwear brand Phyne. The face masks are not medically certified and do not protect the wearer from contracting an airborne illness. They act as a protection to others by catching droplets created by speech and potential coughs or sneezes. The masks' sales will help the brand’s factory in Portugal to sustain their ethical and sustainable business throughout COVID-19. All proceeds will be donated to NHS Charities, supporting NHS staff and volunteers looking after COVID-19 patients.

What we love: Morgane and Hanna, the founders of say: "In times of crisis, we want to help - both ethical fashion and the frontline staff. That's why we offer these face masks as a fairly-made alternative to conventional masks and give what we make to the English healthcare system. The situation is scary for all of us - so we want to protect those we love and care about by wearing a mask in public and otherwise staying home!".

Price:  About £66.00 (pack of 10) / 75,23 € |  Shop it now: THE GOOD APPAREL


Sofo Studio (100% Donation)

Why to buy: SOFO studio face masks are produced using organic and fairly traded cottons. You’ll find masks in an array of beautiful colours; a mix of naturally hand-dyed rosy avocado pinks, sunny turmeric yellows, and hand-woven ‘khadi’ stripes. All with a beautifully soft organic white cotton lining. 100% of proceeds go to homelessness charity Caring in Bristol - choose your donation amount when purchasing. Masks are made in the UK.


What we love: Offering a pleasing colour palate, simple shapes and all natural fabrics, Sofo studio are a new contemporary brand who focus on slow processes; aiming to produce small-batch items you’ll love and cherish for years, with ethics, thought for the environment, & sustainability at its centre.

Price: £6-£21 (donation based - 100% proceeds go to homelessness charity Caring in Bristol) 
Shop it now: SOFO STUDIO 

Raleigh Denim Workshop (100% Donation)

Why to buy:  The North Carolina-based denim brand has focued solely on relief efforts for the community during this time. It all began with mask making and then asking the community who was in need of them the most. This led to the masks being sold out in rapid timing. For every mask sold, Raleigh Denim donated two masks to people in need. By selecting Donation-Only on the website, the team will donate 3 masks to health and grocery workers. Be sure to follow along this amazing process by following the brand on Instagram!


What we love: A lot of people reached out asking for the pattern and the company decided to share it. They also have a How-To Video on their Instagram @raleighdenimworkshop! Take a look here. Masks have a pocket so you can add a filter if you wish.


Price: 20 USD  - 18,51 € | Shop it now: RALEIGH DENIM WORKSHOP