Fashion Revolution Week 2020 | The Best of The Online Programm



On the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, Fashion Revolution encourages millions of people to come together to campaign for systematic change in the fashion industry, and things won’t be different even in these challenging times. Actually, that is not entirely trough, because this time everything is going to be entirely online. What does it mean for us? You gain access to an incredible amount of interesting talks, discussions, workshops and many more from all over the world!  We tried to highlight the online events, organised by Fashion Revolution, that can be watched from home and shouldn’t be missed.


We are sure you saw it before “Who Made My Clothes” posters all over the social media. Behind all this is an amazing non-profit Fashion Revolution. Global movement with teams in over 100 countries around the world, campaigning for systemic reform of the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. In only few years they managed to create something so huge with even bigger impact.

Something we all can be a part of. So, before we get to the heart of this article, we encourage you to have ask brands #WhoMadeMyClothes, tag and challenge them on social media. It is the easiest way to take action. It might seem to you like it can’t change anything, but that is not true. It is definitely something! Brands are paying a close attention to the consumers demand, so more of us tagging them and trying to hold them accountable bigger chance they will try to be better, as not changing anything might lead to brands losing their customers. So, don’t hesitate and grab your phones and posters!



Let’s talk about the events. This Fashion Revolution Week will be calling for a revolution in the way we cherish our clothes, care for them, share and swap them #LovedClothesLast and Fashion Revolution will host countless online events all over the internet. Let’s look at some of them now so you have an idea what to expect and we hope you will get as excited as we are, but before we do so just remember that many events have registration so don’t forget to visit the fashion revolution website and register first. Ok so we can start now.


Join us and million others this week and follow the campaigns and actions by Fashion Revolution to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.



Fashion Open Studio, s Fashion Revolution showcasing initiative, aiming to shine a light on emerging designers, established leaders and major players, celebrating the people and processes behind fashion and accessories collections, promoting industry transparency and longevity. Those who actively working to find a solution to key challenges that they are facing, from tackling studio waste to responsible production and sourcing. This year’s line-up includes global selection of incredible designers and projects. Opportunity for you to watch and

Here is just a little sneak peak of what you can expect this week.



Open Studio will kick in with on Monday, by bringing together designers who each use denim in different ways to highlight its endless versatility, by repairing, customising and upcycling. There will be a plenty of ZOOM sessions with different workshops and discussions, about the future of denim and many more.



join the team at Raeburn for a repair tutorial on brands Instagram Live.

Thu 23

Christopher Raeburn will also connect with Orsola De Castro on Instagram live and together they will discuss what is Covid-19 teaching us.

Tue 21

Collaborative, creative fashion studio where daily design meets responsible production, alongside monthly events, discussions and workshops.



Sat 25

A digital show and tell with the founder of ODIVI, Iva Burkertova. Ready-to-wear brand based in Prague, ODIVI is now over 10 years old and their collection 0+ is a symbolic restart to try to produce fashion that is as sustainable as possible. Zero symbolises the circular economy. It’s also a new beginning, where they take a breath for new hope.



Thu 23

A discussion between Valeria Meliado' Fabric R&D and Kellie Dalton Sustainability Consultant at Vivienne Westwood.



Fri 24

An Instagram Live with Foje to creatively explore upcycling, making and mending. Fooziye Foroudnia trained as a graphic designer before establishing her brand Foje in Tehran in 2012. She believes that building an emotional connection with clothes makes them last longer. She focuses on small and slow production.



Fri 24

Instagram Live event with Emmy Kasbit as part of the Woven Threads digital programme during Lagos Fashion Week. Emmy Kasbit was founded by Okoro Emmanuel in January 2014. The Nigerian brand works with local artisans and indigenous fabrics to re-interpret traditional staples into modern silhouettes.

These are just a few of many amazing brands and projects that are taking part. You can find a comprehensive list of all Open Studios, including the scheduled streaming times and the list of all the designers, so go ahead, scroll through and register to the events you don’t want to miss on the event’s website.



Sun 26

Don’t miss the *virtual* STICH & BITCH to conclude Fashion Revolution Week 2020. Makers and fashion leaders together for an open discussion on the future of the industry in livestream conversation. You can join on Fashion Revolution YouTube channel. Get prepared with a mending or making project, and stich along while listening to these brilliant humans.


As Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, herself says “it is just as important to mend our clothes as it is to mend broken system”.




Fashion Revolution Scotland Volunteers Lauren & Louise discuss learning to love what you already have by choosing not to buy clothes for a year. Join them at their online discussion on Instagram live.



Sat 25

Practical workshop and discussion lead by Fashion Revolution Scotland, where they will ‘unpick’ a relationship with fashion, the industry and take a deeper look into their clothing. Within this online workshop, they will unpick an unwanted or damaged garment from our own wardrobes, so be ready to join and have an unpicker or small scissors and a garment near you.


SHAPING FASHION WEBINAR: What’s in my clothes?

Thu 23

90-minute interactive webinar lead by global shapers “Shaping Fashion”. Together with industry experts, we will explore the state of fashion industry in times of Covid-19, our personal power to effect change through a framework of 5 simple steps, transparency, material compositions and many more.

You can find the whole program listed on Fashion Revolution official website.


+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

Instagram: @kristinakasparova