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Copenhagen-based womenswear label, Ganni, launches its new sweet yet surprising collaboration with Ahluwalia, a menswear designer from London. Ahluwalia has called it a “random” project—womenswear x menswear designers—but they both share the same sustainability values.  

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Earlier this year, Ganni collaborated with American’s label Levi’s and launched 14 pieces of sustainable denim collection. Now Ganni is extending the work to join hand towards a circular approach with a different designer, this time with LVMH Prize 2020 Finalist and Fashion Award winner Priya Ahluwalia.


“We’ve done these small upcycling collections in the past as part of our commitment with the Global Fashion Agenda to work towards a circular approach. We want to make it a steady component of our business, not just a marketing capsule.”Nicolaj Reffstrup, Ganni’s founder, says.


The collection is made up of 19 pieces, many of which were created in Ganni’s stamp silhouettes but with Ahluwalia’s signature touches. It is making them a unique and unexpected part of the Copenhagen fashion house’s collection. For Priya Ahluwalia, this selection marks her womenswear debut and is inspired by London’s Garage scene in the ’90s. Ganni’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup says that Priya shows how fun it is to work with upcycling, and it is very inspiring for Ganni’s team.


“The project has been great in showing how leftover materials can be totally transformed and are worth cherishing.”–Priya Ahluwalia explains.


The collection will be available starting April 23rd in Ganni's boutique and online in limited quantities. The second capsule of Ganni x Ahluwalia is coming later this year. Stay tuned.


*Header image courtesy of Ganni. 


+ Words: Alvia Zuhadmono, Luxiders Magazine 

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