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Founded by Onye Anuna and Prince Comrie in London in 2014, the Afro-Contemporary menswear label made, from the very beginning, its statement very clear. “Purpose over consumption. No longevity in mediocrity. Dignity in labour. Good to nature. […] Don’t change, transform”. The goal of the brand is to value Black culture, sustaining high craftsmanship, affordable pricing and positive environmental attitude. In order to reach net-zero emissions, the brand has removed plastics and chemicals from all areas of the business, choosing green suppliers and localising the manufacturing process. Using only natural fabrics, for each collection, small quantities of pieces are made, for which no unsold stock is generated (the dead stocks are donated to local recyclers or charities). The brand partners with Avena Group that helps to recycle 100% of the textiles going forwards. According with the local prices, the labors and artisans are fairly paid, supporting the skilled local craftsmanship and the local economy.

Due to the high costs of services and products that a business has to face, the co-founders have created their own in-house tools, as Pleatt, a free online platform for small fashion studios to streamline their creation of techpacks, linesheets, costings and more. And Sub-Saharan Stories, an ongoing project that aims to collect a comprehensive set of traditional stories and folktales from Sub-Saharan Africa for future generations, improving the accessibility and awareness of these rare stories.