Green Circle, at Modtissimo, wants to elevate the sustainable game



Porto Fashion Week says hello to circular economy. Once again, Modtissimo, the most important textile and fashion event in Portugal, wants to show how well Portuguese textile companies and fashion designers are prepared for the new fashion world, the responsible one. From October 2nd to 3th, Luxiders Magazine will travel to Porto to see how, once again, iTechStyle Green Circle elevates the sustainable game. See you there?


During two days, the vitality and energy of the Portuguese fashion sector will be again on display at Modtissimo. The sustainable innovations will be at iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase, an initiative intended to promote in international markets, the excellence of Portuguese textile products in terms of sustainability and circular economy. For the next edition, the organizers invited some of the most prestigious Portuguese designers to create a piece with the materials of some sustainable textile companies selected, all made in Portugal.


One of the new features of the next edition of this Sustainability Showcase is the fact that it presents end products for various segments of the textile sector: fashion, sports, home textiles, automobile, etc. 


Brands to watch!

For example, we will meet Natural Vegan. It is the first Portuguese brand of fashion accessories manufactured in Portugal with eco and animal-friendly materials. The company also finds important that the production process is free from child and slave labor and that it is as respectful as possible to the environment.​

Other company that sounds interesting is Ultra Creative, developing new concepts, new ideas to the workwear sector, with an efficient and fashionable vision. Embracing new challenges Ultra Creative is committed to make the difference in the recycled field taking the sustainability as a major issue.

Katty Xiomara will also be on the show. The brand's philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of color and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style and by with a romantic spirit.


iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase is a Citeve initiative with the collaboration of Paulo Gomes, as curator of the creative development component, in partnership with ASM - Associação Selectiva Moda.


The origen of sustainability

The highlight goes to the presentation of new natural base materials, recycled fibers, biodegradable fibers, incorporation of waste in textile structures, fibers with marker, obtaining color with less environmental impact, new concept for the easy dismantling of the final product… A. Sampaio, Confetil, ERT Textile Portugal, Inovafil, Joaps, Jomafil, LEMAR, Lipaco, LMA; Lurdes Sampaio, Marjomotex II, RDD Textiles, Riopele, Scorecode, Somelos, Tapa Costuras, Texteis Penedo and Tintex Textiles are some of the textile companies showcasing at iTechStyle Green Circle.


are some of the textile companies showcasing at iTechStyle Green Circle.

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