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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, with its aquamarine shores and lush mountain valleys, Italy has been a popular tourist destination since the time of the Grand Tour. Despite its relatively small size, with an area of only 301,340 km2, Italy offers an incredible amount of different landscapes, cultures and tourist attractions including for those sustainable travellers. If you're dreaming of an Italy vacation and you care about the planet, read on as we've selected the best green hotels in the country.


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Millions of people from around the world have visited the peninsula since the 17th and 18th centuries, when young upper-class men from Northern and Central Europe toured the Peninsula to gaze at monuments and churches as part of their aristocratic cultural education, millions of people from all over the globe have visited the country. In 2019 alone, with its 55 UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites, Italy has attracted 84.4 million international tourists. Aside from its well-known image, Italy has a lot to offer thanks to its variety of tourist destinations. Whether you're an art lover who dreams of seeing a Caravaggio or a hiker ready to explore the Dolomites, you'll find the perfect destination for you in Italy. Here are sustainable accommodations for you to consider next time you visit Italy.



Located in Belforte del Chienti, in the Marche region, Coroncina Veggie Country Relais is a farm hotel surrounded by over 8 hectares of private garden, filled with olive and fruit trees. It is the perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the placid Italian countryside. The hotel offers high-quality organic products such as the produce from their seasonal vegetable garden and the hilly view, which is symbolic of this area. The building itself, powered by solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, has been sustainably renovated using green building materials and techniques. The natural, chlorine-free swimming pool is located right in front of the house and is surrounded by greenery, making it the ideal spot for some low-impact relaxation. The hotel also offers vegan cuisine and is part of the VEGGIE HOTELS ® network.



Have you ever dreamed of being the ruler of your own caste? At Our Tower in Gombola, Province of Modena, for a few days you can. This fifteenth-century castle was once a watchtower and has not been altered or inhabited since its heyday in Middle Ages. Our tower offers guests access to the rustic, fairy-tale-like tower and about 10,000 meters of outdoor land in the Modena Apennines. Located on the site of an ancient Celtic village later inhabited by the Romans, Our tower is an excellent accommodation for trekkers who want to explore the old Matilda roads and the several other castles present in the area. The tower may be ancient, but the owners' approach to sustainability is absolutely modern. Hot water is provided on the property by the solar shower, while a solar panel allows guests to recharge their electronic devices and illuminates the interior of the tower. 


In Alberobello, Aprulia, you can find this sustainable farmhouse encompassed by gentle hills, vineyards, orchards and wheat fields. The building was built circa in the XV century as a Hierosolymitan monastery, as well as the irrigation system that allowed rainwater to flow down into the stone-built basins called "pile" which the valley was named after, hence the name "Canale Delle Pile." The white Masseria offers its guests an esthetically pleasing and green stay with breathtaking views, traditional furniture and hand-embroidered pillowcases. The building is powered by 100% renewable energy, and solar thermal panels provide it with hot water. Located 4 kilometres from Alberobello, Masseria Torricella is the perfect accommodation for those who want to enjoy a relaxing Apulian holiday.



The first-ever vegan hotel in Italy, La VIMEA is a four-star hotel in Naturno, South Tyrol. Situated in the heart of a beautiful Alpine town, La VIMEA offers its guests the mesmerizing mountain views that symbolize this enchanting region and so much more, in fact, at La VIMEA comfort and sustainability are of the utmost importance. Surrounded by greenery and pampered by the renowned South-Tirolean hospitality, guests can enjoy the three saunas, the pool, the natural bathing pond and the hot stone lounge while admiring the Ötztal Alps and the Ortler Alps. The 100% vegan restaurant uses organic and locally sourced ingredients to prepare colorful and classy dishes. In addition, the kitchen is zero-waste too. Electricity comes from renewable resources, and hot water for guests is generated by solar energy. Thanks to its exquisitely Alpine and minimalist charm, La VIMEA is the perfect accommodation to rest and relax after a day exploring the many wonders of Venosta Valley with its mountain trails and forests. The fantastic team behind La VIMEA also runs another vegan hotel: Agrivilla i pini, an elegant and peaceful farmhouse located in the medieval Italian city of San Gimignano.



Located in Rome city center, Bio Hotel Raphaël is a 5-star deluxe hotel, ideal for eco- conscious travelers who want to explore the eternal city. Located in the most historically significant district of the city center, the hotel is committed to sustainability and offering its guests a memorable stay in the beautiful city of Rome. On the top floor of the historical Roman building that hosts the hotel, the guests can admire the rooftops and domes that characterize Rome's views. With its ivy-covered facade, the hotel itself is a landmark and a museum filled with artwork collected by the owners, adding to the charm of this hotel that has been the location of several Italian movies. The Bio Hotel Raphaël is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and offers a natural and organic menu with many vegan options on its flowery Bramante terrace.



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