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The question, "Are they really sustainable?" is what led Cristina de Almeida to set up her own activewear brand, GREENIN', to ensure all her doubts could be eliminated. The practice of sustainability is the soul and spirit of the newly launched brand. Cristina states, "We don't want to be sustainable just as a project; we want to make a difference."



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Amidst the crowded sustainable and eco-friendly fashion market, GREENIN' is making our purchasing decisions easier. Cristina’s commitment to most of the time use industrial textile waste for her collections is inspiring. "I want to make my contribution by creating an activewear brand under the concept of slow fashion, using processes with the greatest possible reduction in ecological footprint and with respect for human dignity."



"Fast fashion only triggers consumers to buy more, which leads to more waste."



It is not a secret anymore that the fashion industry is linked to unsustainable practices. "Fast fashion only triggers consumers to buy more, which leads to more waste." Cristina aims to produce timeless, low-trend clothing that challenges the high turnover rate common to today's fashion industry. She envisions that low-trend clothing could allow production to be more eco-friendly by facilitating disposal and replacement.

GREENIN' emphasises a conscious process: choosing environmentally friendly materials and techniques, prioritising working with local suppliers and respecting the dignity and safety of those who make their clothes. They have also committed to planting a tree for every piece sold in support of reforestation in Portugal. By using their shipping bags they do support Amazon reforestation.

Cristina further explains that using sustainable fabrics means that the fabric's raw materials must be of organic origin or recycled from textile, plastic or other waste. Furthermore, all the fabrics must be sourced locally from in and around the GREENIN’ base in Portugal. "It allows maximum control of the entire process, but, essentially, it ensures optimum product quality. And, as we all know, the Portuguese textile industry is practically unbeatable," Cristina says. She also highlights the importance of ensuring that all commitments are respected—including those to social and environmental responsibility.



The work that goes into sustainability in the fashion industry is not easy, but it helps to have people to look up to. Cristina shares her sustainable fashion influences with Luxiders: "I have two great inspirations from Portuguese sustainable fashion brands. Helena Antónia Silva, of Vintage for a Cause, for her wonderful work in circular economy and the social impact of the productive process; and Marita Setas, of the Marita Moreno brand, for genius and innovation in the search for alternative materials to animal leather in production of footwear and accessories."

GREENIN' was born almost naturally as a result of Cristina's personally difficult experience in finding sustainable sportswear brands that were more than just basic. Thus, the brand offers a solution to those who are experiencing the same dilemma. Cristina points out that at GREENIN’, they "choose not to have seasonal collections” and that they "produce in small quantities, which allows us to adapt pieces in response to feedback. In fitness, it is common to have gaps in the mass offer which do not fully respond to the needs of consumers; this is why we opted for this area."


"The difference in our brand is its soul."

Cristina believes that to be able to make GREENIN' stand out, the brand needs to offer something different. To this end, she asserts: "The difference in our brand is its soul." She elaborates that the "soul" of the brand lies in how they create products with small and thoughtful details that address the daily difficulties of the wearer—a practice that is only possible to achieve in small productions of exclusive and limited offers. Also, as previously mentioned, the brand’s environmental engagement in selecting ecologically conscious partners and raw materials further set it apart from other activewear brands.

Cristina is very aware of the significance of implementing a strategy to support future generations and artists who create our clothes. The GREENIN’ tree planting initiative is a result of Cristina’s idea to secure our future generation. She adds that she hopes to "make a difference for our artists, who unselfishly enrich us in multiple ways.” One way of doing this and continually paying it forward has been “dedicating a special collection to them, from which part of the return will be used to support new projects."

"We are not the ones who are making a difference, but our clients, wearing GREENIN’ sports bras or shorts, are contributing to all these changes" - Cristina acknowledges.



As a newly launched brand, GREENIN' is excited for the journey ahead. Almeida opts to understand and analyse how the public reacts to the brand. "We do not want to dictate trends. Our focus is to respond efficiently to people's needs," she says. She adds that she is seeking new international markets, starting with Germany, Croatia, Belgium, France and Spain. 

Cristina recognises the challenges of launching a brand during the pandemic—successive confinements, closed gyms, economic crisis—"it was perfectly foreseen," she says. For the time being, the GREENIN' collection can be purchased online, but it will soon be available in some marketplaces as well. Cristina says the GREENIN’ target market "practices sport, has a healthy lifestyle and likes to buy quality activewear with some exclusivity."