Introducing Men to the Sustainable Fashion World



It is time to welcome men into sustainable fashion. The movement needs everyone’s help in order to make a difference. Keep reading to discover where you can have a good laugh, while informing yourself.


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Sustainable fashion communities mainly entail women. Truth be told, all topics related to the fashion industry have always been associated with females. However, it concerns everyone. Even if you think you don’t care about what you wear, it’s one of the most personal forms of expression and it says something about you. It’s an inevitable part of our daily life and it’s become part of our culture too.

Documentaries and talks about the ugly truth of fast fashion have been increasing over the last few years. One of the most famous ones; Andrew Morgan’s The True Cost, was an eye–opener. It showed how the industry treats garment workers, exposing the low-wages, the poor conditions under which they have to work… It also highlighted the effects fast fashion on the environment, including pollution of rivers, soil and air.


Since its release in 2015, the sustainability talk has been increasing reaching its peak last year. The pandemic called the fashion industry into question, still it seems to have a bigger effect in the women’s section. When you look for sustainable clothes online, you’ll come across hundreds of options suited for us women, and a few for men. Gender psychologist Jennifer Bosson’s explanation is that manhood is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose, relative to womanhood. Thus, they may feel unrelated or even uncomfortable being interested in something like fashion.

Despite the similarity of buying habits between men and women, when it comes to actively involve in fashion related issues, ladies lead the way. As much as this is a really positive news, sustainability needs everyone’s cooperation to achieve real change. In order to introduce men into this world, there are websites that examine brand’s sustainability criteria and tells you if it’s worth it or not.


If the article awakened your curiosity, we recommend you to Netflix and chill. In 2019, the comedian Hasan Minhaj made an episode about fast fashion in his programme, Patriot Act. Using humour and backed up by data, he explains how “our desire to look “fresh to death” is actually killing the planet.” It is a really fun and entertaining way to learn the basics of the industry, while having a good laugh.


If you’re a book person, Slow Fashion: Aesthetics meets ethics from Safia Minney, is the ABC of sustainable fashion. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the green movement and sustainable design: focusing on companies, designers, people and sustainable businesses as the main pillars.

If radio is your thing, we’ve got you covered. The rise of podcasts has transformed the way we inform ourselves. There are podcasts on an infinite number of subjects, and fashion couldn’t be left out. These conscious talks offer first–hand information from business owners and creatives promoting the ethical movement.


Regardless of your age and gender, sustainability should be a priority when talking about fashion, not to mention shopping. We should make it more welcoming for the newcomers who want to join the community, thus, to create a more enjoyable and accessible experience where everyone can feel comfortable.


 +  Words: Ane Briones, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalism graduate | Basque Country based writer

IG: @anebriones