iTechstyle and Green Circle | The Awakening Of Good Fashion, at Modtissimo



Fashion needs an awakening. It is not just a question of solving the problems of climate change, fashion waste or fashion slavery, it is a question of future. Fashion needs to be reborn. Fashion needs brave companies to reinvent the model. That is why Modtissimo has decided to celebrate the next edition on the 23 and 24th September at Alfândega do Porto, with Green Circle ShowCase and iTechstyle Forum as highlights. For a more responsible textile, fashion solutions and a better planet, about 30 portuguese textiles companies and 20 fashion designers come together to show the future of fashion. Luxiders Magazine will be there.



After months of contingency due to Covid-19, Modtissimo decided to awake the fashion industry with new recovery and sustainability solutions. The 56 edition of the event, scheduled for September 23rd and 24th, at Alfândega do Porto, will arrive with “Linked” as the theme, highlighting the connection between the Portuguese textile industry and a responsible and sustainable production. "Linked" aims to reinforce market connections, highlighting the strengths of Portuguese industry: innovation, responsibility and sustainability.

The event has now more than 100 exhibitors confirmed, seeking to speed up the recovery and with the green commitment increasing. Companies from various sectors - raw materials, fabrics, knits, manufacturing and services - will present their latest novelties, highlighting their sustainable solutions, which have increased exponentially, with a greater variety of products with less environmental impact, either by reusing resources or combating waste.

This responsible production will also be highlighted in the innovation and sustainability forums iTechStyle and Green Circle, where the most technological and avantgarde innovations of the Portuguese industry will be showcased. At iTechStyle we will meet the new textiles of the future: recycled, organic, innovative... At Green Circle, 20 Portuguese designers will present avant-garde designs created with 30 of the most sustainable fabrics from Portugal, and possibly from all Europe.


The Green Circle and iTechStyle forums will be back again at an event where the Portuguese textile industry will accentuate its connection to sustainability, innovation and responsible production.




This event marks the recovery after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Portuguese companies won’t let the opportunity pass by. With more than 100 companies confirmed and almost all the exhibition space booked, Modtissimo 56 wants to represents an unmistakable sign that the Portuguese textile industry wants to resumption activity as fast as possible, has new collections to present and is ready to welcome national and international buyers.

“It is a way for the industry to start recovering”, says Manuel Serrão, Associação Selectiva Moda’s CEO and organizer of the textile show. "There will be fewer fairs in the rest of the world, so we are convinced that a fair at this time may even be of special interest," he adds.

The atmosphere is one of confidence, reinforced by a strong desire to return to face-to-face contacts. “Modtissimo is always very positive for us. We reinforce the contact with Portuguese partners with whom we already work, we always establish new contact, and we have seen a considerable increase in the number of foreign buyers from year to year”, reports Carla Araújo, responsible for the commercial and marketing departments of JOAPS, one of the companies registered in the event.

Envicorte also looks at Modtissimo with great optimism. "We have been doing this fair for many years, and I have no doubt that it was the best bet we have ever made", says António Carneiro, the company’s manager, which is preparing to present a new collection of pleats and social masks at Alfândega do Porto. For the entrepreneur, the 56th edition of Modtissimo can even benefit from the fact that it is a small fair when compared to other international trade shows.

“We believe that the Portuguese market must continue to work and be strong. More than ever, we must bet on what is ours”, stands Tânia Guimarães, responsible for JF Almeida’s yarn area, another one of the companies that will mark its presence at the event.

“We hope that September will serve as an awakening for the textile industry” says Carolina Guimarães, manager of João Pereira Guimarães. “It is important to motivate the teams, to establish contacts, and to know how customers react to our articles. Modtissimo is the breath of fresh air that we all need”, defends the company’s CEO.



To guarantee the greatest security for all exhibitors and visitors, Modtissimo is also planning a set of hygiene and social distance rules, in order to allow commercial contacts in the pandemic context. “In the short term, indicative rules will come out. We are talking with the health authorities to understand which measures have to be taken so that everything can take place safely”, guarantees Manuel Serrão.

Regarding the new rules for holding events, which guarantee that all security conditions are met, Modtissimo’s approved Contingency Plan fully respects the current legislation, namely the conditions and limits duly clarified by the last Interpretative Order published by the responsible ministry.