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«Only those who want to be forgotten give up» is what Colm Dillan, founder of the sustainable brand Kidsuper, repeats during the fashion film showcased at Paris Fashion Week F/W 2022. The brand is born from the creative, unconventional and kaledoioscopic mind of Dillane when he was only 15 years old. He sold for 15 dollars the t-shirts that he himself, together with his mother, dyed with the words "The misadventures of Kidsuper" in Brooklyn, the neighborhood where he lived. Music, cartoons, art and fashion certainly reflect the many potentials of the creative director. His own works of art are printed and dyed on Kidsuper pieces, which are produced from waste fabrics. With the exhibition Assembly Line, the young designer allowed his visitors to enter the space and create their own pieces together with assistants craftsmen and tailors. Piles of fabrics, from the donations in the New York metropolitan area, are at their disposal and they leave the exhibition with their own creations, inspiring generations of designers and artists to create, donate and recycle.

On the catwalks of Kidsuper are not the models to parade, but the young people of Queens or the university professors of the same Dillane who are much cooler as he says. The concept of sustainable awareness is clearly visible in his collections: from a dress made completely with polaroid to a blazer sewn through an intricate patchwork, all up to the last fabric sample, rowing against the era of consumption in which we live.