Knowing Cotton Otherwise | Fashion for Good New Exhibition


Cotton is a fabric that represents an important element of the fashion industry. Its properties and characteristics have made it a basic tool for designers and brands. Fashion for good brings to the public a breathtaking exhibition about the stories and innovations behind this incredible material!

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With the aim of  pushing different perspectives, Fashion for Good, created an exhibition that brings together fashion, art and social change. Cotton as the protagonist, creates a message about the importance of this fabric in the development of the industry over the years. It also aims to provide a new mindset to the public on its transformation towards sustainability.

This experience is multidimensional, as it involves dynamic stations that allows visitors to intervene and interact with different cotton themes. From fabric displays to clothing collections, Fashion for Good uses this initiative to inform and educate people about the material's positive impact on humans and the planet. In an impressive way, the exhibition also brings awareness of cotton as an element that unites and defines many cultures around the world.


Local artists such as Benoît Gilles Michel, Mario Gonsalves and brands like The Gang is Beautiful, along with many more, have brought pieces to provoke critical thinking from the public. By exposing components of traceability and technological innovations which are beginning to engage the fashion industry. The exhibition prompts questioning and reflection on these aspects.

Knowing Cotton Otherwise, symbolizes the collective and individual efforts of many minds passionate about the future of fashion. Not only the exhibition but the museum is the showcase for consumers to build a sustainable path into fashion and express ideas creatively. Don't miss this incredible exposition and discover new visions of the industry!

*Highlight Image: © Lorenzo de Wit


 +  Words:
Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine