Lanzarote Retreats | Out of the Net



Destiny had to stop the world to turn the most uncertain moment of my existence into an explosion of repose and simplicity. It was December, 2020. I don't know how or why. It happened. I was in Mars. Or in Heaven. Out of the Net. In a place called Lanzarote Retreats. 




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Never before had I felt the pain of the earth. Lanzarote has it trapped in the Timanfaya Park. Untouchable. On either side of the road, dark lava messy the landscape, combed by mountains arranged in classic harmony. With an enormous poetic feeling, created by the relationship of air, water or earth; narration and reflection merge, as a reflection of my deep love for Nature. Thirsty land, wasteland, clouds that do not break. I want to see the fluffy field after the storm. 

We decide to stop and feel the taste of the place. Mojo cries over our wrinkled potatoes. The “escaldón”, a dish made with gofio and fish stock, takes me back in time to that place. I imagine the fishermen, their hands broken by salt and sun... What a taste! 

We arrive to Lanzarote Retreats, the creation of husband and wife team, Tila and Michelle Braddock. They invited us to their chic and eco-friendly holiday homes in Finca de Arrieta, a stunning, rural place in the North of the Canary Island with luxury holiday yurts and stone cottages. Our Eco Yurt is waiting for us, far away from the main tourist resorts.



“Originally from Dorking, I’ve lived on Lanzarote since 1993. I arrived to spend one year in work experience and within that time I met Tila. The rest is history! " - says Michelle. 



The inspiration from the artist and activist Cesar Manrique is breathed, smelled and observed throughout the whole eco-village. Visible rocks inside and outside, combining with white walls and green planters… I feel overwhelmed of peace. Immersed in "the pool”, I can't stop thinking about what does happiness means. 


“No question is too strange, no request is impossible...”


This quiet, rural location offers small local businesses the chance to thrive. In doing so, they provide with the best local products and services. For example, everything in the hamper is organic and locally grown or produced, often by native islanders who have been farming the land for generations. They also offer fabulous Lanzarote wines… Yes, that is exactly how we define real responsible travel: "the one that brings the opportunity to unite cultures and people from around the world, which in turn adds value to the local communities and passing through visitors. This benefits both parties not only through experience but also enhances local economy” - says Tila.

I rest in a deep sleep. Feeling the peace of the soul, when living humbly, as flowers and birds do. 



+ Photography:  Jens Wittwer 

+ Words: Belvis Soler