Let’s Party When It’s Over: Autumn / Winter Sustainable Trends


This season, designers traded loungewear for party looks, giving voice to their optimistic outlook on the times to come. This positive perspective was certainly reflected in the ostentatious materials and silhouettes they chose to work with: sequins and micro-length dresses, embellishments and cut-outs, plus the always outspoken leopard print, were all stars of the shows for Isabel Marant, Versace and Moschino.



Remember our article on the ‘Earthy Tones’ trend? Well, it doesn’t end there - this season designers are mixing fluorescents and bright colours with those earthy neutrals to transform the calm and serene into a party-ready ‘fit… whatever the occasion. The days of being cooped-up are behind us and the excitement and thrill that comes with what once could have been seen as mundane, is offering us the perfect opportunity to treat every coming day as though it is a celebration.

In the case of Dirty Pineapple, it is an all-blue neutral outfit where bright colours light up the suit-like jacket; at Chiara Boni, a relaxed two-piece, on closer inspection – or when situated underneath the glare of a spotlight or sunbeam – glitters all over, all-the-while Roksanda has dip-dyed and ribboned monochromatic brown suits and coats with hot fuchsia.



As we re-acquaint ourselves once-more with the sunlight (or moonlight) as we emerge from the lockdowns and restrictions that have on the most part deemed us stowed away from the natural light for the past year-plus, designers are telling us to make the most with glittery, sequinned, shining materials that can reflect and redirect the light in a hundred directions just like a disco-ball would. Dior and Ferragamo went for classy sliver, whilst Moschino sculpted an elegant gold glittering ball-gown and Conner Ives projected his fashion fantasy through a rounded bulbous shaped dress.



Hot, bright fuschia pink was everywhere. Vivienne Westwood and Y Project both dressed almost head to toe entirely in the colour, whilst whilst Roksanda presented the pink as a bold accent by dip dyeing a brown suit. Meanwhile Act n.1 approached pink from a different shade with an effervescent billowing tulle gown in bright coral. 



Bundling up is fun, but when you’re going out-out - something of a foreign concept to most of us these days - there is arguably few other things that can put you in the mood for a party than a mini dress and this season’s designers know it.



Knitted garments have been all over the runways for the cold months, and this year the neutral knits are met with their vibrant and playful counterparts. Maybe cosier and more convivial than the traditional ‘party’ look – often categorised by mini-dresses and skin-exposed styles – this one keeps us warm whilst we celebrate.



To show skin is not refined to the mini-skirt or dress, this season, pieces of garments have been cut-away to create windows to the skin below. Ottolinger took a non-uniform approach with lots of irregular cut-outs around the shoulders and chest, whilst Alessandro Vigilante chose to reveal the entire back from a long-sleeved dress to create an intentionally elegant and clean-cut look.


+  Words: Niamh Heron, Luxiders Magazine 

BA Journalism and Media Graduate, based in Leeds, UK

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