LOEWE launches “The Surplus Project” | Handmade Woven Bag from Surplus Leather



Loewe continuously promotes its sustainable effort. This time they redesign the classic woven bag made from their surplus leather from Loewe’s previous collections. These handcrafted bags are available in various lovely vibrant colours. 


LOEWE’s commitment to lessening their impact on the planet translates into “The surplus project.” The project opts how to re-use, re-think and re-create items from their surplus leather without compromising the quality. The fine strips, exquisite calfskin, and beautiful textured can be seen in the Woven basket bags and Crab charms resulting from re-purposing the materials. This bag is stitched together by hand with a lot of care. It is perfection in simplicity.


Through the production process, the artisan shows how the leather cut into a precise thin line of various hues—from vibrant blue and green to muted beige—then continues to braid them accurately in a lattice pattern to create a mosaic of colour and texture. The result is a beautiful woven panel that has a soft and flexible structure. For the colours and combinations, Jonathan Anderson, the Creative Director, picked them personally.

The woven basket bag first appeared in Anderson’s LOEWE debut in Spring Summer 2015 collection and immediately became LOEWE’s authentic design. Now the collection is making come back with a new initiative of a sustainable upgrade. LOEWE’s constantly exploring how to combine knowledge of the craft with new research and technologies to minimise their impact on the environment. Their sustainable journey began in 2019 with the launch of Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection, focusing on the material used, manufacturing processes and transparency of vendors.


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*header image credit to LOEWE 


   +  Words: Alvia Zuhadmono, Luxiders Magazine 

Sustainable communication student | Sweden-based writer

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