Sustainable Travel Guide: Los Angeles | Where to Go, Eat & Sleep



In the City of Angels, the birthplace of all that is new and trending, Los Angeles, California is the hub for what's in and what's new. From music to entertainment to the influencer lifestyle, Los Angeles has it all, and while these trends can often come at a price that's not always eco-friendly, that doesn't mean your visit to LA has to be.



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Surrounded by a beach-scattered coastline and a dining culture where almost everyone is becoming dedicated to plant-based lifestyles, there are hundreds of ways your trip to LA can be sustainable, eco-friendly, and fun all the same time. From hiking to sightseeing to trying coffees made from mushrooms, here are a few must-see stops for the sustainable traveler in Los Angeles.



Whimsy + Row

Combining eco-conscious with elegant, Whimsy + Row on Venice Blvd makes the perfect stop for any slow-fashion lover looking for versatile yet trendy clothing. Their limited-run collections are made ethically in Los Angeles by using locally sourced, upcycled, and low impact materials. Made out of a love for quality, long-lasting products, this shop is a great one to support if you're looking for a new piece of clothing to take home from your LA trip.

Visit them at 12801 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Banks Journal

On Row DTLA, a hub of hip-fashion in the city, Banks Journal is a sustainable menswear shop for every kind of gentlemen looking to shop eco-friendly. From casual wear to sharp suits, the clothing at Banks Journal comes from their sustainable approach to design and development. Inspired by coastal living and a fusion of Japanese and American culture, all their tees and fleece are made from organic cotton. Some pieces are even made from repurposed soda bottles, as the team behind the shop is constantly trying to make their pieces as environmentally friendly as possible.

Shop at 1320 E 7th St #114, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

The Original Farmer's Market

As a legendary shoppers destination in Los Angeles, the Original Farmer's Market is the perfect place to go for anyone looking for fresh produce during your stay in California. Locally sourced and grown from California farms, you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, and even ready-made fresh, organic dishes you can take home. Surrounded by shops and dine-in restaurants, the Farmer's Market supports California farmers and is the perfect iconic place to visit.

Shop at 6333 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90036.



Crossroads Kitchen

Looking for a vegan restaurant to dine in while on a night out in LA? Crossroads Kitchen is the perfect place to go. Specializing in Mediterranean meals, the restaurant isn't keen on making veganism fast food - they create a dining experience. From upscale decor to their versatile menu, Crossroads is a city favorite for vegans, flexitarians, and omnivores alike. From veggie platters to pasta and hand-made pizza, you're sure to find a vegan-friendly dish to love here.

Dine at 8284 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046


Alfred's Coffee

As one of the most beloved coffee shops all across Los Angeles, Alfred's is a legendary quick-stop for your mid-day caffeine pick me up. With visits from celebrities to everyday commuters, one of Alfred's most famous drinks, The Chagaccino, is coffee brewed from mushrooms mixed with a blend of vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, monk fruit, and topped with espresso and milk. You can grab it iced or hot, and it's both a trendy and sustainable option for coffee. With locations from Studio City to Koreatown, skipping Starbucks for a day and stopping at Alfred's instead is a must in LA!

Order online for pickup at a location near you at


Cocobella Creamery

One of LA's most signature things is its hot weather, especially in the summer, so if you're on the hunt for a perfect scoop of ice cream, Cocobella Creamery is your pit stop. With all flavors, 100% vegan and gluten-free, this creamery's ice cream will have you coming back for seconds. Made from fruit and oat milk and paired with gluten-free cones, these icy desserts are great for everyone.

Get a scoop at 1253 Vine St. #12, Los Angeles, CA 90038



Venice Beach Eco Cottages

If you want your nightly stays in LA to have a little more of an experience than renting an Airbnb, but still want to be eco-friendly, a couple of nights at the Venice Beach Eco Cottages could be perfect. Great for beach and cool-weather lovers, these cottages are all solar powered and just 4 blocks away from the famous Venice beach. With vintage-inspired layouts in each cabin, this place could be a great stay for someone who loves the outdoors.

Book your stay at 447 Grand Blvd Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291


Shore Hotel

Partnered with the Clean the World Foundation, Shore Hotel in Santa Monica brings you a little bit closer to LA's high-end beach life. With a more luxurious take on your stay, their solar-heated pools and sustainable wood furniture contribute to a classy yet eco-friendly stay. Close to the beach and LA's best shopping centers, your stay at Shore Hotel won't be a disappointment.

Book your stay at 1515 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401




Hike to The Hollywood Sign

A favorite tourist activity in LA is a hike to the legendary Hollywood Sign. With trails ranging from easy, moderate, to expert, depending on your love for the outdoors, these hikes can be a great way to see the Hollywood Sign first hand, rather than just driving by. The hikes are also a chance to get away from the fast-paced, crowded city life, and can give you a great view of the city you're staying in. Oftentimes, photos of Los Angeles never show how mountainous the terrain can be, but hiking up Hollywood, you'll get to see for yourself.

Find the trail that's right for you at


The Griffith Observatory

While now closed due to COVID-19, when The Griffith Observatory opens back up dozens of LA natives and tourists will be eager to see the LA skyline for themselves. From hiking up to the highest point of Los Angeles to exploring the telescope's view to space, The Griffith Observatory is a great way to get in touch with nature and space without traveling too far out from central LA.

Plan your visit at 2800 East Observatory Road Los Angeles, CA 90027.


Los Leones Trail

If you love the outdoors but aren't the biggest fan of being on beaches, there's always a way around. In California, their mountainous terrain on elevated land can give you an amazing view of the West Coast's beaches. On the Los Leones Trail overlooking Pacific Palisades, that's exactly what you'll see. Pack a water bottle and some granola bars and get ready to spend the day seeing the ocean as you climb upward over Los Angeles. Hiking this trail is also one of the best ways to get away from LA city life and find fresh air.

Start your hike at 25653 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu, CA


+  Words: Erica Danielle Garcia, Contributor at Luxiders Magazine

Erica Danielle Garcia is a writer and journalist from Los Angeles whose work explores topics in culture, politics, and representation in music through sociocultural, intersectional, and environmental lenses. Instagram: @ericadanlle