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One can consider, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, a pleasant surprise. After studying Medicine and Law, he has devoted himself to the world of fashion, first working for Vogue Paris and later on for Raf Simons. Founded in 2017, the French brand produces locally, combining the traditional french savoir faire with sensual and grunge lines. The brand has managed to find French suppliers for textiles, including for example a jeans supplier, who rehabilitates old machines to make some new linen waves. Inspired by Yohji Yamamoto, Louis works with old stocks of recycled fabrics such as nylon and he turns vintage clothes into totally new pieces. All dyes come from natural dyes such as coffee, beetroot and beech wood.

To reduce its environmental impact, the brand has prioritised the use of Bemberg"  (cupro), linen and fabric blends. In order to avoid using invasive chemical processes, LGN prefers to use laser engraving on denim and the application of patterns by polishing. The buttons and labels are made of recycled plastic and the tags are made of unbleached paper.