Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 2


Getting out of your comfort zone. Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 2 invites you to contemplate the innocence of nature and feel the silence at the end of a poem. Get to know how to save our oceans. Say hello to zero waste pioneers. Discover the visual experiments of design futurism. Or, just sleep under the branches of a lost tree in Portugal. 


Now that we have all we need, what is the outlook on humanity? Are we happier? Is our overconsumption satisfying us? Is our hedonism helping us to achieve our goals?

“Save me now”, “Früher war der Fisch in der Packung, heute ist die Packung im Fisch” (“The fish used to be in the packaging, now the packaging is in the fish”), “You are never too small to make a difference”. These are some of the statements written on the banners of the movement #FridaysForFuture. A 16-year-old girl, Greta Thunberg, and what we call the “Resilient Generation” are sending sincere messages: “Our lives are in your hands. We don’t have time”. Who can continue to act impassive to global warming and climate change now? Who can keep on living in the comfort zone of consumer society?

Indeed, 2019 arrived as the year in which finally trends and intentions are crystallized in reformed, holistic behaviours; in more activism; and in clear demands from users that are shedding light where before there was darkness.

The new avant-garde ethos takes care of the beauty and fragility of our oceans and believes in the power of Nature to restore the human spirit. It searches for equality and explores human responsibility, making it impossible to hide bad practices under the carpet. It also encourages us to slow down, to be present in the moment. A highly collaborative spirit is also in vogue. Are you in?


Bye-bye, bad romance

Luxiders Magazine Issue 2 is a real labour of love. Each word, each image, each garment featured, has been carefully selected to embrace your soul and take it to a better comfort zone, where sublime imperfections disrupt the established codes. It is all about emancipation from common-sense, for the good of our future.

Our “Emotions" invites you to contemplate the unusual aesthetics of the plants, the boundless wonder of Nature (P.56). We also try to understand the Saudade state of mind while walking The Paiva Walkways and camouflaging ourselves in a Portuguese treehouse (P.24). The timeless beauty of the Dead Sea and its unexplainable influence on humans is captured (P.46).

We transport you to Thailand to witness a funky editorial on its traditional legacy, featuring Thai Brands that have sustainability at the core of their identity and uplift local communities (P.6). We rethink the course of art shooting a Beauty Story on the Renaissance, giving a black woman the opportunity to play the role of a white women without asking (P.36). Our fashion story “The Single Woman” evokes feelings on demand, with a selection of some of the best sustainable luxury garments. It is our personal tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s lasting legacy: “Luxury has to be luxury”.

This magazine also invites you to take a deep dive into the big blue, our oceans, and learn how to save them by doing little things (P.42). Get to know the antidote to over-tourism (P.44) and why veganism is on the rise (P.20), meet Zero Waste pioneers and Design Futurism Innovators, and much more...

Because our real growth begins at the end of our comfort zone and we need to step into the next decade sure-footedly. Welcome to a better world!


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