Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 4 | New Design, More Contents, Full Love



2020. The year in which the melting world has frozen over. With millions of people trapped at home, thousands of unexpected deaths in developed countries, children and students without classes, closed borders… We found ourselves face to face with the fragility of the human being. COVID-19 opened the curtains of the new year to test humanity. 


2020. The year of the genuine, profound change. When all media decided to take the issue of Climate Change seriously, we all faced a dry halt. A global state of alarm. A virus with no other vaccine than #stayhome arrived to change the habits of the whole world. No more ordinary social life. Time to shut up with family and meet again with our existing enemy: Time. Time to take care of ourselves more than ever, for the good of our grandparents; to talk to our partner, to play with our children and invent thousands of games… Time for ingenuity.

Why right now? Maybe it is the right time to stop, think and reinvent ourselves. Paradoxically Covid-19 found Luxiders Team in a moment of a big creative change. Luxiders Magazine 4 has been redesigned to lead a new path. Mores pages, new paper (recycled and certified), illustrations, fresh typography and more contents to throw fantasy into our endlessly hurried world.


We enter an era where we all are questioning the notion of identity as a whole –culture, origin, gender, appearance…– through the words of change-makers such as American poet and activist Amanda Gorman or curator Antwaun Sargent. Gorman’s work (P.16) focuses on issues of oppression, feminism, race, and marginalization, as well as the African diaspora. Black Vanguard by Antwaun Sargent (P. 38) invites you to enjoy a contemporary black fashion photography that is inclusive and reflective of a wider World.

In this new era, imperfections are the new perfections. They make us unique. You just have to see the projects of revolutionary architect and designer Neri Oxman (P.32). Aspire to resolve with her the disharmony between built and biological environments.

Visit London’s sustainable side and experience the breath of nature at Bawah Islands, home to the Bawah Reserve (P.44) and a lush green, mountainous island that exudes its pristine charm on every inch. Taste the flavour of the gastronomy made by a new wave of creative culinary thinkers re-establishing lost connections between land, food, communities, producers, restaurants and consumers. They are all on our article No Waste. No Pain (P.74)  Imagine a world in which harvesting a juicy tomato from our own home is not just a story from our eco-conscious day dreams – but the expression of our bustling city lives. Take a look at Urban Gardening (P. 94). 

Take the pulse to irreversible issues as CO2 emissions (P.56) and the possibilities of Gut Microbiota (P.36). Get inspired by rock shadow meditations by Simon Hitchens (P.42); amazing photography by May Palar (P.110); or the new, magical hybrid world of Brandy Kraft (P.81).

And do not forget to keep positive. Only creatives, writers, emerging designers, honest brands, and big luxury houses with positive arguments and inclusive rhetoric can lead a better world. Our fashion editorials “Visionaries”, "Raining in Nigeria", “The Dreamers” or “Hours”, express this changing world we find ourselves in.

Welcome to Luxiders Magazine Print 4,  a world full of positive realities, all across the planet.

Belvis Soler & Jens Wittwer
Founders of Luxiders Magazine