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...if you don't see beauty in diversity and inclusion.

Don't buy this magazine if you want to keep on ignoring the conversation about the importance of being sustainable or you are not interested on reading articles about the creatives shaping modern life in the context of climate change...

But if you do believe in inclusion an diversity; If you are a faithful admirer of imperfection; If you are one of those who wipe away their tears and heal their shrunken hearts with courage; If you want to meet the writers, artists, photographers and designers of the future... 

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“I’ve built castles that are so beautiful that the ruins would suffice.” —Jules Renard


This is how we felt reading the articles of this Issue. In our interview with Fatimah Asghar (P. 12) she said: “All my life I’ve been told that I am not enough of any of my identities,” and now she is a prospering poet renowned for her perceptive and evocative pieces. Safia Elhillo (P. 70) is another courageous writer who is bringing the experiences of her people to the forefront. Lakin Ogunbanwo’s work (P.90) counters the way that Africa/Nigeria has been erroneously written through the lenses of racism and colonialism. And Emma Larsson's world (P.46) made of watercolour strokes and gripping shades of pigment that blend and give birth to new ranges of colour… The castles these artists have built are so beautiful that even their ruins will suffice. 

We are brimming with love. Love for David PH Hype, one of our regular contributing photographers, who explores the beauty of diversity through a “Supernatural" fashion story (P. 18). Love for innovation and for nature, as described in our articles about the biocouture (P.38) and about the new architects that are shaping modern life in the context of climate change (P.52). We hope that love is felt by all those who need it when we emphatically say, “Sorry,” (P. 58) the aim of our “Letter to the Black Community.”  

When the goal is simply to dream, then follow the setting or rising sun. What beautiful escapism! Through landscapes and emotions, freedom and misplacement, helicoidal moods, cocooning experiments, loud silences embracing sustainability…

Welcome to Luxiders Magazine Issue 6. 

A garden of hope. 

A shimmering horizon. 


Belvis Soler & Jens Wittwer
Founders of Luxiders Magazine