Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 7 | Present



With bright pulsations and unfolding rhythms, Autumn/Winter 2021 shows us how important it is to be in the present. As a gift, every present moment is pure adrenaline. So is Luxiders Magazine Issue 7.



The past is history.
future, a secret.
The present, a gift.


Defined as times of creative explosion, crises have always borne unexpected fruits. This year, 2021, the world's most creative gastronomic laboratories have been cooking the food of the future. A sneak preview can be found in this magazine. Two years ago, we witnessed the purchase of a digital dress for more than $9,500 USD. As you will read in this issue, the fashion industry has now become an amazing digital playground. Will it be sustainable?

In a fusional connection, modern day creators as Christiane Lohr, Rebecca Brooks, Eimear Ryan or Julie Koerner are composing a new genesis. In general, they are trying to save the world from the current slaughter it is exposed to, in environmental and social terms. This salvation comes through responsible fashion brands whose collections can be found in our fashion stories; artists who interweave craftsmanship with alternative materials and technological applications; and writers as Hilda Raz, that raise awareness and make human beings more humane and understanding of the injustices people face. We all have so much to learn!

Everything is ready to be invented now. While the melancholic flow goes on in the homes of many, Luxiders Magazine 7 will show you how much life there is in the minds of those who look at the present with future in mind. It is ultimately up to us to be the change we want to see.


Welcome to Luxiders Magazine 7. 
An arborescent realm,
Full of organic bubbles of love.

Belvis Soler & Jens Wittwer
Founders of Luxiders Magazine