Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 8 | The Embrace



Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 8 is all about the embrace. We celebrate the idea and accept the challenge of creating a world where everyone feels accepted and represented in their genderWelcome to Luxiders Magazine Issue 8. The seed and origin of our constant hope. 



The embrace. 
The most beautiful sculpture of the human being.


In a group, in a couple, in solitude. The simple image of an embrace can shake you, calm you, make you feel the undercurrent of what you really represent, the essence of what you mean, the serene love that rests within you. 

Our cover is undoubtedly the most exact interpretation of what we need today: love for oneself, crowned by a fragile nature that blooms among dead stones, like constant hope in times of war and injustice. Yes, constant hope. Desirable, discreet, powerfully authentic, our inner forest. 

The eloquent volumes of a naked body, the incredible organic laboratory it possesses, tells us stories of self-love, the future, nature and humanity. Self-love and gender acceptance as a cis responsibility. Future as a new place where fashion stories happen in digital landscapes. Nature as the lost paradise longed for by new generations. Humanity as the elevated fortune of seeing the seconds run freely in front of us. The beauty of life! 

Isn’t life just the delicate line between past and future? The fine line between dusk and dawn, as photographer Jacob Howard captures in his images? Aren’t new lives emerging from lost seeds, the magic composers of our new forests? Before they travel, germinate and grow beyond our reach, Thierry Ardouin is there to capture the journey in its infancy. 

Luxiders Magazine Issue 8 is born with the hope that the stories you hold in your hands today allow you to embrace yourself tightly tonight. In the lulling sound of your own rhythm, you will be reborn with the strength required to face the events we are all living in today.

A frugal approach to this essence is shown behind our stories, navigating between discretion and extravagance, in a world where everyone feels accepted and represented.

Welcome to Luxiders Magazine Issue 8.
The seed and origin of our constant hope. 

Belvis Soler
Art Director of Luxiders Magazine



Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 8 celebrates the idea and accept the challenge of creating a world where everyone feels accepted and represented in their gender. In our art section, we meet the awakening works of artists Thierry Ardouin, Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky, Allison Janae Hamilton and Jacob Howard, who express nature and humanity through their artworks. We travel around Maldivian islands to discover the circular systems being built to survive the rising waters and we walk through Paris to discover the City of Love’s sustainable hotspots. We also meet two of the most important chefs working in molecular gastronomy to understand its connection with sustainability. Finally, we escape our traditional routines with the help of the world’s best sustainable wellness hotels and spas. Welcome to Luxiders Magazine 8, lulling you to emane from Earth.