Talent to Watch | Mathilde Rougier | Winner of Fashion Makes Sense Award



Last Saturday 27th of February, FashionClash presented the fourth edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, a stimulation prize for a new generation of designers with innovative and sustainable ideas for the future of fashion. Mathilde Rougier won the jury prize of € 2500. Marko Feher won the public prize € 1000.


Mathilde Rougier is a multi-disciplinary fashion designer, working across the fields of modular textiles, augmented reality, 3D design and upcycled plastics. She focuses on developing circular production and design systems for clothing and adornment. Her practice centers on the body within a sustainable and digital context. She explores themes of digital deterioration, glitch, file corruption and modular image generation.

Mathilde Rougier won the Fashion Make Sense Award 2021 for the ‘Modular Augmented Capsule’. The collection proposes a circular approach to sustainability, as all the materials used come from waste. The main textile functions like Lego; the pieces are slotted together, can be taken apart and put back together in a different form. The design process is constantly ongoing without creating waste. Same goes for the virtual parts of the garment; they can be updated and evolved without creating waste. The other techniques (second-hand cotton hotel sheeting, which was naturally dyed and the re-melted plastic packaging) use upcycling and can be upcycled themselves, as long as material unity is conserved.





The FMSA was part of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. In this three-days festival, young designers and artists from Europe and abroad had the chance to present their work to a wide international audience through several shows, exhibitions, performances, fashion talks, and crossovers with performing arts.

Launched four years ago, the award intends to contribute to the development of talent in the sustainable fashion industry and raise awareness of sustainability related issues to a broader audience. The Fashion Makes Sense Award is based on FASHIONCLASH mission to organize an ethical discussion on the fashion industry.