MOMAD Returns For A Weekend In September



The international fashion, textile, footwear and accessories fair returns from 17 to 19 September. MOMAD will be held in a hybrid format, giving the chance to both exhibitors and professionals to feel again the excitement of fashion face-to-face. Read our exclusive interview with the director of the fair, Julia González.


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MOMAD is returning this year for its traditional autumn edition. The fair, one of the most important in South Europe, will host more than 150 companies from Europe, as well as exhibitors from Colombia, and Turkey. As a response to the COVID 19 pandemic, MOMAD will be held in a hybrid format. A new digital platform, the Lifestyle LIVEConnect will be presented, where not only business opportunities will be guaranteed, but also provide a way for international audience to take part. Sustainability is becoming more and more a topic that cannot be avoided, that is why we talked with Julia González, director of MOMAD, who told us all about the sustainable approach at the fair. 


“At MOMAD we understand sustainability as something more. The brands that come are committed to the circular economy, local products, local manufacturing, local craftsmanship and creations and designs by authors. All this adds up to being sustainable and to reducing the impact on the environment and on society, therefore, it is positive.” - Gonzalez said. 



The campaign “Because it makes sense to return” gravitates around the need to reactivate the Fashion business, showing that Fashion is perceptible in every sense. MOMAD’s campaign seeks to excite, reach the hear and raise awareness of the importance of the Fashion sector in the daily lives of all users. As a response to the increased need and demand of sustainable options, MOMAD will designate a whole sector for sustainable brands; where both exhibitors and public will have the opportunity to network, and find new sustainable proposals and innovative ideas. Women and Men’s fashion, footwear, accessories and eyewear will be present in the sustainable section.  

In that section of the fair, the fashion sector, both for men and women, will include Associação Between Parallels, which works for design and sustainable development, from Portugal. Wasted Couture, with handmade creations in post-apocalyptic style from Poland and Zummy, with fashion and accessories from Italy. Within the accessories segment, Linnoa Bags, a sustainable brand that works in linen bag collections and Cuor3, which has developed recyclable glasses, both from Spain. In addition, Innbamboo, which, from Italy, offers different creations of versatile foulards, also with foreign origin, but this time in Portugal, Martita Moreno works sustainability in her fashion accessories. On the sustainable footwear side, Wisuland, and Inescop, the Footwear Technology Centre, will be taking part in the fair.

“In addition to the exhibitors themselves, the entire development of the fair itself works hand in hand with care for the environment. Renewable energies are used, the stands are recycled and reusable, the carpeting has been manufactured to be recycled and the use of paper has been limited in favour of digital format, among other actions.” Gonzalez stated. 



If there is one thing that many of us have missed during the pandemic, is being able to touch, hug and have contact. MOMAD have developed a campaign that alludes to the five senses, through which fashion is perceived and felt. Touching the texture of a garment, and the sensation that it gives becomes unique, and can only be achieved upon physical contact. MOMAD believes that that is where the importance of sense is linked to design. For them, to understand fashion, it is vital to establish contact.



MOMAD will offer a variety of presentations that gravitate around the topic of sustainability. The company WGSN will analyze the new trends of the Spring Summer 2022 season, as well as its relation with the market and circular economy. CONESE will talk about generating a positive impact on the people that work in the Industry. TexleNet will go deep into the application of sustainability through virtualization; and the Colombian platform of men fashion will discuss the new trends about sustainability and Fashion. 


“It is clear that this (sustainability) is a reality that we have to bet on and that we cannot look the other way, as more and more brands are betting on this feature, so the greater the commitment to the planet.” Gonzalez explained. 


+  Words: Leila Salinas, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalist | Berlin-based 

Connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram (@leisalinas)