Christmas Gift Guide | The Most Stylish Eco Shoes and Sneakers



In our search for fair trade shoe brands, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite eco shoes and sneakers to pump up your outfits, making you look stylish and chic, whilst being environmentally friendly. This selection of shoes has been carefully manufactured in a fair and eco-friendly way and range in function, style and price. From hiking and running to work and night out, these brands make it easier to fill your closet with high-quality staples for every occasion. 


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Uniquely Handcrafted Shoes by ATELIER STEFANI


Price: 1,280 to 3,420 | 1,500 to 4,000 |  Shop it now: ATELIER STEFANI


Garden of Earthly Delights Art Trainers by AQUA & ROCK


Price: 279,29 € / 249.95 £ |  Shop it now: AQUA & ROCK


Forever Floatride Grow Shoes by REEBOK


Price: 129,95 € / 150 |  Shop it now: REEBOK


The new generation of sneakers by CANUSSA


Price: 148 € / 175 |  Shop it now: CANUSSA BY EL NATURALISTA


Trendy everyday boots by TAYLOR AND THOMAS


Price: 492 € / 585 |  Shop it now: TAYLOR AND THOMAS