Neonyt 2020 | A breath of fresh air is flowing through Berlin…



With “Air” as overarching theme, the next edition of Neonyt is taking place from the 14-16 of January 2020 during Berlin Fashion Week. The multidisciplinary conference will be bringing together important decision-makers and stakeholders of the fashion and textile industries to engage with the multifaceted topic of sustainability across all disciplines. At the Neonyt Trade Show, new exhibitors are making their debut, including major brands such as Armedangels, Blutgeschwister, KnlowledgeCotton Apparel, Kujichi, Melvin & Hamilton and Wolfskin Tech Lab. 



Neonyt’s mission since it was first launched over ten years ago has been to envisage the challenges of sustainable fashion and to suggest positive solutions for change. This season’s focus on the theme of “Air” — the invisible, omnipresent elixir of life — addresses the textile and fashion industry’s role in the rise in CO2 emissions and air pollution. This theme also encompasses digital sampling and virtual fashion with new digital technologies such as visualization software, 3D body scanning pushing the industry in a new direction. But with a huge potential for increased efficiency with digitalization comes a whole new set of challenges. 


“In these times of Fridays for Future and society’s growing awareness of sustainability, many industry players are recognising the necessity of sustainability in fashion. From the very beginning, Neonyt has been dedicated to the major topics affecting the fashion industry – such as the use of resources, working conditions and pioneering technologies. This season with ́air ́ we are again setting the theme for the Berlin Fashion Week, and will ask what the future of fashion will look like,” says Thimo Schwenzfeier, Neonyt’s Show Director.


We breathe in and out around 20,000 times a day, sometimes more and sometimes less consciously, depending on how much mindfulness and digital detoxing our daily life permits. The air we breathe is polluted by smog and fine dust particles. And a major contributor of that is the textile industry, which is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions. Since 1960, the global emissions of carbon dioxide have been continuously rising.  For the workers of the fashion industry, however, regular breathing doesn’t always come without risk. Cultivation, production and textile finishing are the stages of textile production that are particularly harmful to people and the planet. Toxins are often used to dye and process fabrics, which the workers inevitably inhale and absorb through their respiratory tract. In 2020, Neonyt is calling for action – before we start running out of air altogether.  

The global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation will be bringing together key green fashion labels in the German capital in Hangar 4 of the decommissioned Tempelhof Airport.



Panels & Discussions

The first day will be kicking things off with panel discussions surrounding the intersection of fashion and the guiding theme of “Air”. Allison Dring, co-founder of Made of Air, will be holding a presentation on how CO2 can be used as a raw material. The panel discussion “SDGs x Fashion — The UN’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action” will be shedding light on the global repercussions of climate change on the textile industry and vice versa. Other experts such as Christopher Veit managing director of the Veit Group and Greg Stillman from the US start-up Natural Fiber Welding will be sharing insights and solutions for a smarter fashion industry, from design to politics.

Through cooperation with non-profit organization Textile Exchange and with the UN Office for Partnerships as part of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, Neonyt is demonstrating successful innovation through partnerships of global relevant change-makers. Lucid Brigham, Chief of Office at the United Nations Office for Partnerships, will be attending the conference personally, presenting on Sustainable Development Goals.



Neonyt Trade Show 

Around 170 international exhibitors at Neonyt are already proving that products can be both sustainable and competitive. Only brands which are approved to be significantly more sustainable are eligible to participate at the trade show. An international portfolio of brands and collections will be on show, including Bleed, Ecoalf, Lovjoi, Mud Jeans, Nae Vegan Shoes, Recolution and Wunderwerk. 


Do not forget to check some of our favorite brands participating at Neonyt Trade Show, such as Spanish brand Avasan, the German Like a Bird, Marita Moreno and its fantastic shoes, Shipsheip, The Blue Suit, Alma Lovis or Høyem. 


Neonyt is the one-stop solution for scouting out cool, contemporary collections and sustainable future fashion trends. Neonyt and its exhibitors value trust and clarity to the same degree as contemporary aesthetics, collection statements and brand communication. “Two things are particularly close to our hearts: our future on this planet and how we can support the fashion industry to become a trendsetting authority with a net positive impact,” say Max Gilgenmann, Neonyt’s Content Director.