Neonyt on Air: Transparency And Community in Fashion



For the second time, Neonyt on Air takes place and it requires only a device with access to internet to attend. Discussing Transparency and its intrinsic aspects led by a wide range of experts, January 18 - 22 thrives with inspirational and critical content. Save the date!


This edition will focus on the power of community which will be activated by giving the stage to more than 20 national and international speakers with different backgrounds. And what a time to elevate the values of community—even if that involves physical absence.


Neonyt's media-partner Luxiders’ will release their latest sustainable fashion editorial during this event. On Wednesday 20 January Neonyt's media channels will bear witness to our most recent work


Neonyt on Air will kick off with their team and Hessnaturs CEO, Andrea Sibylle, walking us through the program whilst addressing the rising opportunities resulting from a critical year. In doing so, Monday 18 January will be a day to endorse the need to be more active and responsible in our community.

Following up, Tuesday 19 January will be dedicated to one of the most debatable themes of sustainability: transparency. Led by Oeko-Tex, the morning will discuss the variants of sustainable production, consumption and overall commitment to working towards the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. 

The afternoon will go to the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) discussing the topic of “Due Diligence – due tomorrow?” Which will be complimented by Neonyt’s content director Max Gilgenmann, who will provide insight into the German official platform for sustainable labels


The morning of Wednesday 20 January will showcase, by yours truly, Luxiders’ latest fashion editorial featuring sustainable brands and visual inspiration, followed up by Kering Group who will introduce the topic of financial matters in sustainability. To the latter, financial giants IFC World Bank, Value Balancing Alliance, Deloitte and Maleki Corporate Group will delve into the subject in vogue circular economy and the role banks and investors play in forging a sustainable living.

Thursday turns the attention to the sourcing of materials in the industry where net positivity against negative environmental effects will be discussed by members of NGO Drip by Drip, Usha Yarns and Foursource. This event will be continued by Elisabetta Baronio, from Timberland, who explains ideas related to regenerative agriculture and circular design in a live interview. The day will conclude with a critical view into certifications and standards within the industry led by experts from Global Organic Textile Standard, Fairtrade and the Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Environment.

Last but not least, on Friday 22 January, IBM, Kaya&Kato and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development will stir up the conversation on the role of IT in fashion and sustainability. This week will end with a short keynote by Olaf Schmidt from Messe Frankfurt.


When: 18 - 22 January, 2021

Where: Neonyt's social media (IG, Fb, Youtube)

+ info: visit Neonyt's website and stay tuned with our social platforms


*Images from Messe Frankfurt GmbH via Neonyt