Neonyt on Air: A Week of Panels on Sustainable Business, Expertise and Lifestyle



With the course of the Covid-19 turning prevalent economic, social and political structures on its head, Luxider regular Neonyt takes active stance to the current situation. From 13th - 17th July, Neonyt explores the status quo of sustainable fashion and the opportunities of digital business through videos and live interviews showcased in their social media channels. Next week, specialists will grace the media platforms to discuss business, lifestyle and expertise and – cherry on top – virtual attendants will have a glimpse into the summer 2021 in-store of Messe Frankfurt and Premium Group – the masterminds behind the Frankfurt Fashion Week.



We are just a week away from Neonyt’s first digital edition – ‘Neonyt on Air’. As the international sustainable hub dives into digitalisation, it rightfully so discusses the opportunities at the intersection of fashion and digital formats. “The fashion industry and the tradeshow business are not only facing new challenges but, above all, also great opportunities,” says Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director of Neonyt. 

The Neonyt on Air is a proof that the creative industry is not foreign to adaptability and innovation. This event will certainly meet the needs of discussing new mechanisms to deal with the austerity of the present situation and, more importantly, will open up a space to clear doubts of the current climate of the fashion sector, find expertise, and refresh business insights. If you aren’t subscribed to Neonyt’s newsletters yet, here we round up the most updated agenda running from next Monday to Friday – all the highlights you need to know to follow the event.


Luxiders Magazine will share a glimpse behind the scenes of the new sustainable fashion editorial made under the storyline "Fashion in uncertain times", coming up next July, 13th. Head over to the Neonyt Instagram profile on Thursday, 16th afternoon to see the way we work.





Kicking-off the week, as supposed, Neonyt’s members Thimo Schwenyfeier, Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann will introduce the week’s ahead. 

The afternoon will be taken by Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt, who will elaborate on Friday’s topic: Frankfurt Fashion Week.



Digital business experts Brand Show, Browzwear and Yoonatech are sharing their vision on production, processing and distribution in fashion, and their relation to virtual fashion, digital sampling and 3D body scanning.

During the afternoon, in conversation with Joor, the aspects of B2B online marketplace and the benefits for Neonyt exhibitors will be reviewed.



This day is dedicated to lifestyle and culture. Thekla Wilkening, from Stay Awhile, discusses Fashion Changers and Neonyt’s format Prepeek. 

Later on, Magdalena Schaffrin’s, natural cosmetics label Dr. Hauschka, activist Julia Dalia and stylist Claudia Hofmann elaborate on the significance of fashion as an expression of individuality. This panel will also address the shift of the fashion industry towards diversity.



By yours truly, Luxiders Magazine portrays current anxieties and uncertainties in an idyllic photoshoot. This day, Neonyt will share the behind the scenes of the production of our upcoming fashion editorial via Instagram. 

Likewise, during the afternoon, Lisa Jaspers from Folkdays and a representative of Fashion Council Germany will be in conversation with Max Gilgenmann to talk about the global problem of supply chain disruptions and order cancellations in production facilities.


As introduced during the first day of the event, Messe Frankfurt and Premium Group will take over to discuss the potential of the Frankfurt Fashion Week in the metropolis and the fashion industry. This panel will be led by Frankfurt’s mayor Peter Feldmann, Messe Frankfurt members Detlef Braun and Olaf Schmidt, Neonyt’s show director Thimo Schwenzfeier and Premium Group managing director Anita Tillmann.

You can join any of these days from anywhere you are – and free of registration. Line-up available at Neonyt’s Instagram or official site.


When: 13 - 17 July
Where: via Instagram
How: no registration required


   +  Words: Alejandra Espinosa, Luxiders Magazine Editor

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