The “New Cotton Project”: A Ground-Breaking Circular Fashion Project Funded by the EU



Fashion brands produce nearly twice as many clothes as they did 20 years ago and every second an entire garbage truck of clothes is burned on landfills.


The “New Cotton Project” is a directly tackling these problems proving once again the change and development in the field of sustainable fashion, and the creation of initiatives acting as immense support givers. The “New Cotton Project” is a project funded by the European Union to harness collaboration and cutting-edge technology to create circular fashion. It aims to contribute to a circular economy in which textiles never go to waste, but are reused, recycled or regenerated into new garments instead.



The project sets an example for even bigger and innovative circular fashion programs and has received €6,745,801.25 in funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Over 12 companies and organisations are taking part in the “New Cotton Project”, which aims to develop and entirely circular supply chain and business model. The Finnish start-up Infinited Fiber Company (IFC), can regenerate cellulose-rich textile waste into a fibre almost identical to cotton and will be leading the group and a consortium of 12 companies and organisations over a three-year period.

Infinited Fiber Co-founder and CEO Petri Alava, said: “We are very excited and proud to lead this product, which is breaking new ground when it comes to making circularity in the textile industry a reality.”

Different textile waste will be collected, sorted and regenerated into IFC’s fibres to create different types of garments that will be sold by the Adidas and H&M group.


“As this is the first project of its kind, this is also an opportunity to identity and find solutions for potential bottlenecks to scaling up circular textile production and for calculating the environmental impacts over the lifecycle of textiles.” – Fashion For Good.



+  Words: Sofia Sovera, Luxiders Magazine Editor