New York In Silence



Every moment lived harbours more and more experiences and memories. New York has mercilessly saved them since 1609, formerly called New Amsterdam: revolutions, major fires, terror, financial crisis, gentrification. The city is bustling and so are the people who live in it. But then suddenly there is Covid-19, lockdown - downtime ...



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New York is losing one of its most basic ingredients: the people in the streets. Desolate, distance. Avenues that I once crossed with haste now feel like miles away. Iconic shops, shut and empty, closed restaurants, a handful of people waiting on the train platform.


The past gives way to the present. Zero hour at Ground Zero.


Is this present one that should shape our collective memories in the future? My finger confidently presses the shutter which releases the camera. Click, click ... A snapshot for when I stroll through my past, the further away it is from today, the more it will hopefully feel unfamiliar.

For a city that never sleeps...


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+ Words and Photos:  Jens Wittwer