Nike Is The Most Resold Activewear Brand In 2021, Data Reveals



Dated back to last summer 2020, when pleated white tennis skirt has found its way back to our wardrobe staple, we saw the emerging prospect of athletic wear. Last year, there is a 250% increase in the search term 'athleisure wear', with 12,000 monthly searches in the UK this month. As we are getting along well with relaxed hoodies, baggy sweatpants or other athleisure wear amidst the stay-home-notice, activewear slipped into our wishlist for secondhand shopping, with Nike topping the list.


It is known that shopping more sustainable is a growing habit, especially for Millenials and Gen Z – 48% of the groups are intending to buy more second-hand fashion, whilst almost 20% of UK customers have bought an sustianable item last year. This is particularly welcoming news to the environment, as less new consumption leads to circular fashion – meaning less clothes are piled up in the waste. 

A recent study by Suprizeshop on activewear reselling showcased that Nike is the most-listed brand on all platforms in the UK, with over 1million listings online, followed by Adidas and Puma – all owning innovative solutions for a better environment. We suppose it’s just trendier to have a tick on your outfit? 


So where do these hipsters resell their preloved collections? Despite the boom of Depop among Gen Z, eBay is still slightly more of a cult favourite when it comes to activewear, with over 1.9millions listings, as they reported secondhand shopping boom with 1,404 double-decker buses of fashion items saved from landfill. Depop follows with 1.7millions, with a trendier outlook – as they have the most Nike products out of all other platforms. Join the new forces now and close the fashion loop!


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Yoyo Ho
Luxiders Magazine