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Founded by Pierre Davis in 2015 and helmed by the designers Pia Davis e Autumn Randolph, No Sesso stands for what in italian means “no gender”, that is a genderless fashion, careless to dictate bounderies of any kind. All identities, shapes, ages and colors are rapresented by modern, recycled and hand-sewn designs. The brand reinvents constantly itself, taking from the thrift shops clothes that it will then be revisited under the identity of No Sesso label. The Los Angeles – based brand has made very clear one thing: frome the past, one can evolve and create always something new. The latest collaboration with Levi’s tells us this: upcycled pieces are made of sing vintage varsity jackets, ties, puffer jackets, and other unloved fashion items. No sesso stands for inclusivity in every way: the brand announces the invitations at its events on social media and everyone is invited to come.