Online Exhibitions: Our Guide to Virtual Exploration



From sustainable fashion to photography, films and glitch art—here are five online exhibitions that you can virtually attend, easily dive into, and enjoy from any corner of the world.



As we currently move into the online realm, something new for everyone, galleries, collectives, projects—and pretty much everyone—dive into experimenting with streaming tools and the wonders of extensive reality that the Internet can offer. We know you’ve seen already plenty of suggestions of events to attend and watch online but here we collect some digital curations that are worth to visit. Joining these virtual realities may have a little contribution to the creative and arts scenes, so let’s stay together.




Fashion for Good, based in Amsterdam, launched the first museum for sustainable fashion innovation. Every six months, the sustainable hub showcases six pioneering brands that integrate creativity, innovation and a good amount of flair—enough to get you inspired. The exhibition walks you through a room exhibiting popular brands investing in research—Adidas, Stella McCartney—following a room which contrasting lights already indicate that the space is filled with surprises. Here is where you find rising innovators. Fashion for Good has also taken the time to create a timeline on how fast fashion and sustainable fashion become driving forces. Overall, this online and offline exhibition is a good dive into how fashion is moving into sustainability—and how much we still need to accomplish. If you go to Amsterdam, make sure you don’t overstep people’s 1,5mt. diameter and keep your mask on. Otherwise, book an online tour with the team.

WHEN: ongoing exhibition—check in official website for opening hours

WHERE: You can visit their physical museum in Amsterdam, or book an online tour directly in their website

HOW: 2,5€-5€ entry




The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), located in Australia, has curated a 3D-online experience that explores the work of the radical, visionary Japanese brand Comme des Garçons. ‘Collecting Comme’—running smooth and gracefully in your digital device—highlights the abstract forms, unorthodox volumes and the redefinition between body and fashion by the iconic Rei Kawakubo. This exhibition fuses Kawakubo’s evolution as a designer, and Takashi’s vision as a collector, the latter becoming the first donator to the NGV’s Fashion and Textiles collection. If you’re not a fan of spending time in enclosed places with dimmed lights, this virtual experience is the perfect option to attend a fashion exhibition.

WHEN: currently online

WHERE: visit NGV’s official site

HOW: free access




Held at the London-based art space Alison Jacques Gallery, ‘Gordon Parks: Part I’ is one not to be missed. Short, rich, captivating. This Part One (the second part will launch in September) focuses on two of his most popular works—‘Segregation in the South’ (1956) and ‘Black Muslims’ (1963)—which were published in Life magazine. This virtual tour cover Parks’ critical point in his career as it simultaneously unfolds with the civil rights movement. The images on display speak for the desire of meaningful change while explores race relations, urban life and portrayal of marginalised American families. Like the Fashion for Good exhibition, you can either make an appointment to visit the gallery physically, or you can check out its virtual format at any time.

WHEN: until August 8th

WHERE: via Alison Jacques Gallery’s official site

HOW: free access online 





A shoutout to the kino lovers! Scharaun, the interdisciplinary project space for art and architecture has got an exquisite online program to keep up with the film culture. The project, currently based at the former film theatre in Berlin Siemensstadt, aims at experimenting with the Internet as a simulation of cinema and what’s more, to understand whether it can actually be translated into the art context. For this reason, the online program ‘Kino Siemensstadt’, curated by Olaf Stüber and Jaro Straub, makes available the streaming of short films weekly. The exhibition will wrap up with a physical installation seeking to translate the online content into the real space—and thus opening a space of reflection to conclude whether art and online streaming can be wed.

WHEN: until August 28th

WHERE: visit Scharaun’s site to see the program

HOW: direct streaming




Streaming since 2014, this a rather out-the-radar exhibition, and you’ll understand why. The master minds behind the ’Mermaids and Unicorns’ decided to explore the digital real which has often been perceived as fragile. With the aim of examining a variety of media formats and ephemeral messages, the exhibition reflects on the evanescence of the virtual present and the absence of the digital sphere—which, in 2020, this premise seems to be turning on its head. The glitchiness and perversion of the reality condensed in an online format seems to be quiet relevant these days. If you are into digital art and surrealism make sure you scroll down to the end of the online curation.

WHEN: ongoing exhibition

WHERE: visit Mermaids and Unicorns’ official site

HOW: direct access





   +  Words: Alejandra Espinosa, Luxiders Magazine Editor

Liberal Arts graduate | Berlin-based writer

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