Organic beauty with desertical character

Only few beauty kits have as many things to tell as the one Antonin.B brand proposes us for Valentine’s Day. This kit contains five items, all organic, premium, 100% natural, cruelty free and participate in ethical programs.

Serum against Sahel desertification

The Antonin.B beauty kit includes, on the one hand, the award-winning Desert Serum for hair. Enriched with ceramides, the company says that the serum penetrates into the very core of the hair fibre and smoothes down split ends, whilst also giving the hair strength, shine and definition.

They recommend us: Apply 2 to 3 drops on damp hair. Proceed to blow dry. Flat iron if you want. Add 1 to 2 extra drops for shine. With the blow dry, the product penetrates much faster, and salon clients say the blow dry lasts longer.

Ok! We are going to test it. Stay tuned because, we will give you our opinion through our social networks. For now, the story promises.


Among the raw materials used by Antonin.B in this serum we find the organic oil from the date palm of the Sahel desert. Everything is ethically controlled by a local association in Africa that ensures that fruit picking is made by families in the area. With the date, they feed the animals. With the seeds, they send them to a factory to be pressed and to obtain the oil. This whole story is an opportunity for people living in this arid and poor region, because thanks to it, employment is generated and, with that, local communities can enjoy income.

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In addition, the Serum helps villagers in the Sahel keep their homes thanks to the desert date trees. The association also develops a palm tree nursery in the desert. These palm trees are planted in the desert, serving as a bulwark against desertification, always under the principles of organic farming. Two of these palm tree nurseries have an educational purpose and are linked to schools. So we are faced with a 100% organic and ethical serum.

To live by the principle that beauty is not incompatible with morality and profoundness. You do not have to sacrifice your well-being on the altar of ethics. On the contrary, you can celebrate your desire for beauty with sustainability in mind. 

Other things…

Also, inside the kit we can find the 3 best-selling shades of Axiology lipstick (the Axiology lipsticks fight against excessive domestic waste in Bali) and a delicious chocolate creation by Zotter, an artisan in Vienna that supports the fair trade of organic cacao all over the world. Also, all products are vegan.

+ info: Antonin.B