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The Spanish brand Oteyza was born from the common passion for craftsmanship of Paul García De Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda,  in 2012. "It is not that we take sustainability into account, we are sustainability. A tailoring is not understood if it is not sustainable. The cloths, the ways of working, the durability of the pieces, the sewing: it is not a quick purchase", say the co-founders. As a matter of fact, it takes at least two months to create an Oteyza garment. It starts from the drawing, and then goes to the cut of the fabric until the realization of the final piece of clothing, entirely manufactured by hand. The brand works with the best textile companies and it recovers natural fabrics from small Spanish, Italy, Ireland and England factories. Otyeza is a type of traditional tailoring, which reminds of ancient craft techniques. The measurement is performed live on the customers, as well as the paper pattern, which is made exclusively for each of them.