Paris Fashion Week SS22 | Futuristic, Enticingly Elegant & Sustainable



This season, numerous designers at Paris Fashion Week represented their spring summer collections, which displayed creativity not just in terms of their designs but also their sustainable practises. This spring and summer are going to be futuristic, enticingly elegant, and all-black. Luxiders brings you the best designers, committed to a more sustainable fashion industry.


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The Belgian fashion designer Dries van Noten is not just bold when it comes to address unsustainable practices within the fashion industry, but also when it comes to his designs. Dries van Noten’s designs are thoughtful and are represented by confident models. Yet, his collection conveys a sense of community and collaboration. Models are posing together, thereby showcasing the intelligent ways in which the designs work together.  




Opaque sunglasses, gaudy lipstick and slicked-back hair is contrasted with mellow garments that emphasize fragility. This year’s collection of the Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli is characterized by shoulder-free and frill designs. In our opinion, the next spring summer season cannot have enough of enticing elegance, especially if the garments originate from a designer in support of sustainable challenges.  



The French designer Isabel Marant’s collection is summery, colourful, stylish yet practical. Her designs combine revealing swimming wear and casual jackets with hoodies. Her outfits are not just made with a high commitment to social and corporate responsibility and are transparent in terms of their environmental impact, but they also prepare you for any volatile weather, which seems essential, considering the rising threat of climate change.




Rick Owen’s collection is futuristic and minimalistic and set in a desert like place with sandy colours that contrasts the black, durable leather used for the collection that reminds one of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. One thing is certain: Rick Owens, who is increasingly experimenting with sustainable practices, such as a sustainable sneaker collection, takes us on a journey to a world much more advanced than ours.   



Zimmermann is a label that designs and crafts their collection with extreme fidelity. Complex, detailed dresses are paired with fishnet tights and classy pumps. Their fashion is designed to last, while using natural materials, such as cotton, hemp, and silk. Besides, the label puts emphasis on a fair und regulated supply chain. Zimmerman is currently dedicated to make their practices even more sustainable.




All Black Everything: was the go-to style for numerous designers at Paris Fashion Week, despite the usually broad colour variety during spring and summer. Balmain showcased a biker-style outfit with large cut-outs. Comme des Garcons impressed their audience with an all-black dress in shape of a flower, whereas Balcenciaga went for an all-black casual street style.




Strings: This year designers have been busy stringing and tying. Botter created a top resembling a fishing net merely out of strings. Chloè created a dress with a décolleté out of strong robes, which tips dangle freely. Lacoste took a different approach. Part of their outfits was a shoulder belts with attached strings that strongly resembles rock-climbing equipment.



Sunglasses: Summer, sun … sunglasses. Designers at Paris Fashion Week worked this year with an eye for great detail, even when it comes to their accessories. Louis Vuitton showcased plant-like sunglasses, which renders its wearer simultaneously mystical and glamorous. In contrast to that, Yohji Yamamoto presented black, oversized sunglasses with horizontal slits instead of glasses.  


Chequered Patterns: This spring and summer will be filled with plenty of geometrical shapes. For instance, Chanel, showcased a mini dress, made from numerous square shapes and Paul Smith, who uses organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles crafted a half-sleeve shirt with square shapes in different sizes. Abstract designs were yesterday.



+  Words:

    Lissy Reichenbach,

    Luxiders Magazine