Top Podcasts Led by Women



Over the past few years, podcasts have gained popularity. Not only do they offer an intimacy that visual media doesn’t, but they allow you to multi-task whilst carrying out mundane tasks. Anyone with a mic and something to say can make a podcast, and the variety is huge. From true crime, lifestyle, and business, there is something for everyone in the world of podcasts. Here’s a list of podcasts led by women that you have to listen to.




Milena, Tolly, and Audrey’s unfiltered podcast is a perfect if you need cheering up. Every Wednesday they discuss all kinds of issues, from colourism and cultural appropriation to how to tell you partner that their breath stinks. Their podcast comes with the disclaimer ‘we are not liable for any feelings hurt whilst listening,’ so you know it’s going to be a podcast full of harsh realities and real talk.



If you ever feel lost and a bit stressed from life’s pressures, then this is the podcast for you. Drawing on her bestselling book, Fearne Cotton talks about how to find joy and happiness when you feel low. With guests that will inspire you, this podcast will clear your mind and understand how to process your emotions as well as unlock true happiness.



Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton’s ‘The High Low’ is a podcast bringing you the latest pop-culture news. In their latest episode, they discuss what the books on your shelf say about you, and the new lockdown lingo. It’s a light-hearted and refreshing podcast, with Elle saying, ‘you’ll be left with a smile – but also feeling that little bit smarter.’



Each week Clare Press, author of the book “Rise & Resist, How to Change the World”, interviews guests about fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism and the environment. Don’t miss a beat.  "I’m throwing all my energies into the fight to build a better tomorrow" - she said recently on her Instagram Feed. 




Chats over the dinner table can go from 0 to 100 very quickly, and Jessi Ware brings you exactly this straight from her dinner table. Each week she has guests from different industries round for food and a chat, discussing things from culture, politics, and music. This no filter podcast will make you feel like you’re at the dinner table with them.



Since 2016, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have been discussing all kinds of true crime. Each week they take one story, react to it, and talk about the common themes within true crime stories. Kilgariff is known for her stand-up, and surprisingly, this podcast will make you laugh. In 2020, the podcast make $15 million, so if you haven’t already, you have to listen.



‘Bust through your fears, connect to your soul, and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business, and relationship.’ Lori Harder’s ‘Earn your Happy’ podcast is a motivating listen. She answers the burning questions we all have and how to become more aware in your personal and professional life. This self-help podcast is perfect if you want to feel inspired.



Kelly Smith and Yoga For You have collaborated to give you weekly meditations in 20 minutes or less. If you have a busy schedule, then this is perfect for you. Taking 20 minutes each morning to meditate with Kelly will start your day off in the best way. If you’re a meditation amateur or expert, these sessions will help you open your third eye and chakra.



Every weekday, Meg Kissack starts off your day with a daily pep talk. Full of short stories and insights, this podcast will put your mind at ease, and you’ll realise that you are not alone. Like Mindful in Minutes, this podcast fits perfectly around a busy schedule, and slots perfectly into your daily routine.


+ Words: Shaelei Parmar

Shaelei Parmar is a Fashion and Sustainability Blogger. She recently graduated with a degree in English and Drama and is beginning her journey as a writer and sustainable consumer. She has her own Blog.

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