Prada and its sustainable conversation

The Prada Group launches Shaping a Creative Future, a conference in partnership with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management. This conference, as the group underlines, is an opportunity to reflect on the interplay between sustainability and innovation, featuring a series of stimulating conversations with some international representatives in the business, academic and creative spheres.

Italy’s Prada Group is jump-starting a conversation on sustainability and innovation with help from university professors.

In Parallel Thinking Groups, at Fondazione Prada, there will be held stimulating working session in which representatives from leading businesses will meet with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management professors and alumni for discussions on sustainability and innovation.

The second day, 21 March, will be a full day discussion, moderated by professors of the two universities, with business leaders and representatives of international organizations debating the four topics and adding their inspiring insights and experience. It will be the Plenary Conference, at Prada Headquarters.

The event, hosted in collaboration with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management, will be held on March 20-21.

Key themes

The key themes for discussion will be Brand Heritage and Market Value, Design for Sustainability through Innovation and Tradition and Driving Creative Excellence.

How to create sustainable value for the brand through heritage and arts?How driven are customers by brand authenticity, history and provedance? How could companies preserve craftsmanship and skills in the face of global growht and outsourcing processes? are some of the questions to be discussed during the event.

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Prada. Milano Moda Donna. SS 2017.

The people

Michaela Arnaboldi and Paola Bertola, from Politecnico di Milano; the architect Stefano Boeri; Luca Colombo, from Facebook Italy; Carlo Capasa, from Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana; Anna Detheridge, from Connecting Cultures; the industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti; Andrea Guerra, from Eataly; and Carlo Mazzi, from Prada; will be some of the experts participating at the conference.

Honest projects

Just to have an example about how Prada is changing the way the company look at the fashion world, in one of the last chapters of Prada 365, Prada and Willy Vanderperre bring to the fore the multiple inspirations behind the Men’s and Women’s Fall/Winter 17 show. Nonconformists explores the collection’s irreverent approach to simplicity through honest and spontaneous portraits. We really like it!

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