Prince Charles & Yoox Net-A-Porter Launch A Sustainable Collection



The royal family is normally busy dealing with national duties related to public and charitable services. However, in the past years they have been supporting global challenges, promoting sustainability projects and ensuring that the natural assets upon which we all depend—such as soil, water, forests, stable ecosystems and fish stocks—last for future generations.


"I have always believed in the 'buy once, buy well' philosophy," Prince Charles said. With this, Prince Charles highlights the importance of sustainability, this time, addressing a different sector: the fashion industry.

The Prince of Wales’ Prince’s Foundation teamed up with Yoox Net-A-Porter Group to launch a sustainable fashion luxury collection called “Modern Artisan”, meant to last consumers a lifetime. The collection featuring ten women’s items and eight for men sought to promote “high-end textile skills among young craftsmen.” In fact, Politecnico di Milano design school students came up with the pieces, which were then manufactured by Dumfries House graduates from the UK.

The Modern Artisan Design process is inspired by the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci. His legacy of art, innovation and attention to detail inspired many pieces of the collection, such as the cable-knitted sweater inspired by the polymath’s studies of drapery and knots. The craftmanship of this sweater is astonishing, as it is carefully knitted using single-fiber cashmere and can be remade and recycled if desired. Another iconic classic is the belted double-breasted merino wool and cashmere-blend coat, made from a from a merino wool and cashmere-blend and lined with GOTS-certified organic and 100% traceable silk. The smockings at the nape of the coat are taken from da Vinci’s geometric sketches in the Codex Atlanticus, located at Milan’s Ambrosiana library.


"The project was born from HRH The Prince of Wales’s and my shared passion for educating and investing in the next generation of talent. Our partnership unites the ancient profession of the artisan—one of the world’s oldest—with cutting edge technology, creating truly modern artisans ready for our changing world." Federico Marchetti, the Chairman and CEO of Yoox Net-a-Porter group.


Prince Charles said in an interview with British Vogue: "I can't bear any waste, including food waste; I'd much rather find another use. Which is why I’ve been going on for so long about the need for a circular economy, rather than a linear one where you just make, take and throw away—which is a tragedy, because inevitably we over-exploit natural resources that are rapidly depleting."



+  Words: Sofia Sovera, Luxiders Magazine Editor